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September 09, 2021

Friends Card

 Hi Everybody

Todays card is from a really old Spellbinders die set that I have in my collection and I haven't used it in a long time.

I created a 6" square base card  and layered it with lemon paper. The hands have been cut from different shades of card and  I have added rings in different areas of the fingers. 

I used gold or silver mirror card to create them, and added gemstones to some of them.

I thought it would be a lovely card to send to a really good group of people that you enjoy being with, just to say "Hello" or maybe add a little message to the inside for them. 

The hands are not very big but they could be posed in other ways to make them different. 

 It is a die set that you could have some fun with. I really don't know if it is still available from Spellbinders, but I do know that other companies have similar ones on the market.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. A fun card today Christina. Karen Holmes

  2. An unusual card - certainly not seen a die like that before

  3. Good Morning Christina. What a great idea ... And a lovely card. I love it. I would never have thought of this. Thankyou Christina.
    Sending hugs 🤗 and best wishes to everyone.
    Kind regards Ann Toppcards in Leeds.

  4. This would be a wonderful card as a thank you to all the doctors, nurses and other first responders to thank them for their 'hands on' work. Great idea -- simple in its look but very powerful in its message. This is quite a departure from what you usually make. Is there no end to your creative mind? Love it! Kathy O.

  5. A fun card for all your best friends. Love it.

    Stay safe and healthy.

  6. Love this card Christina! I'm a jewelry gal, and I love the rings you put on the fingers too! Great card! Thank you so much for sharing. Big Hugs. xo

  7. Super sweet card and I love the touch of the rings. Good job.

  8. So "handy" to have in stock for that special friend. Thanks Christina. Diana Lawton xxx


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