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September 25, 2021


 Hi Everybody 

I hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend. It’s a bit dull here but it won’t stop me going out with Ruby later.  It is the firework contest tonight but  I don’t think we will be going to see them. 

And here is a tip for all you owners of dogs that are food orientated  …. Ruby is one of those dogs and the last time we went to see the fireworks she spent the entire walk hoovering the pavement looking for doughnuts. She managed to scoff three before I could stop her. 

On to the draw which has now been done and the name this week is ….

Carole Eaton

Would you send your postal address please to

and the magazine pack will be on its way to you straight away.  Please let me know when you have it safely and I hope you will enjoy playing with it.

More tomorrow…

Hugs xx


  1. Congratulations ti the winner.
    Nice weekend to all!
    Valerija xx

  2. I'm sure donuts aren't good for dogs but I bet Ruby enjoyed hers nonetheless.

  3. Well done Carole, enjoy. Diana Lawton

  4. Congrats, Carole. Christina, that is just too funny about Ruby. I thought she would be frightened of the fireworks, but guess she must've been too busy sniffing for treats to notice the noise. lol

  5. Congratulations Carole. Have fun with this set


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