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September 16, 2021

Creative Stamping 100 Issue Birthday

 Hi Everybody,

Today see the anniversary of Creative Stamping Magazine that is celebrating 100 issues of fabulous ideas and inspiration. This is a magazine that I have done many articles and videos for in the past and it is full of useful information that you can try out for yourself.

The video below was one that advertised the sale many issues ago but it contained one of my most favourite of all time stamp sets. I am adding it again so that you can see the value of the stamps that are attached to this magazine. By now of course that magazine will no longer be available to purchase.

But there is the new one in the shops now with all the Birthday wishes from designers who have contributed to the success in the past. The pages are filled with ideas for you to try for yourself that will show you how to get the best from the stamps that are attached.

So here's wishing Creative Stamping much more success for the next 100 Issues with lots more beautiful stamps and ideas for you to enjoy.

Tomorrow I will be on Craft Stash Facebook Live at 12-30 with Lou Collins, so I hope you will be able to join us then for some fabulous prizes that you can win.
You can also find Pauline on  the Craft Store at 9 am  and 1 pm. demonstrating the compete collection so make a date to watch that also 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. This magazine has always been value for money with lots of stamps each time as well as the hints and tips in the mag.

  2. I love Creative Stamping I've been a subscriber for quite a while now, can't wait to watch tomorrow Christina 😊
    Take care Sue xx

  3. Since this video was made I started to use stamps. Bought a platform rather than using blocks and it made all the difference to previous attempts at stamping. I enjoyed the video.xx

  4. Gosh what a set Christina. Absolutely love the video, many good ideas. Thanks so much. Diana Lawton xxx

  5. Pam Mckenzie - Very good selection on this magazine lets hope they go on for another 100 issues, the cards you made are fabulous, thank you xx Pam Mckenzie - Spain

  6. I love how you’ve added a whimsical touch to the 12 Days of Christmas and created these fun cards.

    Sandra Smith
    Queen Creek

  7. Happy Anniversary Creative Stamping and thank you Christina for another great video. Super excited for your demonstration later - always something inspiring and enjoyable to watch. Best wishes and kind regards


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