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September 07, 2021

Parchment & Embossing Folders

 Hi Everybody

First let me apologise about the state of my hands in this video. I have been playing with alcohol inks and I have them everywhere.

No matter how much I scrub they will not come off not even with Isopropyl Alcohol either. But I had a lovely time creating and the cards will be shown over the next few days.

However this card today is using a really strong Parchment and I embossed it in a folder. 

Thinner parchments could tear as it is embossed but this one is very strong. It is a 160 gsm and the nearest I could find on Craft Stash is this 150 one for Groovi crafts.

But it is not the one I used and I don't really know what it performs like. 

The video is not too long but will give you some idea of how I did this technique if it is something new to you. I am sure that you will enjoy the results of your work once the card is completed.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Good Morning Christina. Beautiful card today. And a lovely video to go with it. I have lots of vellum so I am going to give this a go. Thankyou Christina. Sending hugs and best wishes to everyone.
    Kind regards Ann Toppcards in Leeds

  2. Love these cards -so pretty.Will be checking the thickness of my vellum soon .Thanks for the idea.xx

  3. Beautiful cards and a great video as always, Christina. I have to try this techniques. Thanks for sharing.
    Stay safe and healthy.

  4. such lovely cards along with a great video.
    Thank you

  5. Very interesting video Christina Four beautiful cards. Ten years ago I used to make cards with parchment and a ball tool pressing the back of the parchment to get the white effect. They used to take a very, very long time. How much better and easier using embossing folders - the same effect. I have some parchment somewhere so will give it a go. Many thanks Diana Lawton xxx

  6. Really lovely cards, Christina. You are a very creative person. Thanks for sharing with us all.
    You and Ruby Seay safe. Veronica Beard. Xx

  7. A great video thank you Christina. Beautiful cards x
    Betty McAlister

  8. Pam Mckenzie - Hi Christina, I have been making this type of card this week but I think I coloured the wrong side, I turned it over and the result is still lovely. Pam Mckenzie Spain

  9. Hi Christina. I love this card you have made. Think my parchment is too
    thin I got so will buy some stronger one in. Thank you for the tutorial


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