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September 12, 2021

Ruby Update

Hi Everybody,

Well what a lovely day we had last weekend when my mum and I went to St Annes. 

We walked along the prom and I saw all these things flying up in the air.

My Mum told me they were kites and they looked really big, but as long as they stayed up there I was OK with them. 

It was the Kite Festival and it was very busy with lots of people everywhere.

We went later in the day, once it had gone cooler. There were lots of doggy folks to say hello too and I had a wonderful time sniffing about. 

It was much quieter this week when we went to look at my duck friends. And they have really grown since the last time I saw them.

This week I went to the groomers to get my hair cut and as soon as it is done it will rain and I will be cold with short hair. Still when it does get cold and wet again I have a lovely new raincoat to wear and I will be sure to show you when I put it on.

But last night Dougal and I went with our mums to see the Firework Competition . The loud noises didn't scare us. There will be a different country giving a display each week for the next four weeks, and at the end a winner is chosen. This week it is Russia ... I think ... and that too gets very busy

Bye for now

Love Ruby XX


  1. Hi Ruby, sounds like your outing has been full of wonder and fun. Lucky you have a cosy raincoat to keep you warm now you've been to the Groomers. I had a haircut too this week, lovely to hear from you, Kate x

  2. Oh I do love to hear Ruby Antics, she sounds like she is one very happy little doogie....Man's best friend they say, and certainly in your case Christina, they bring so much love and joy....luv Ursula xx

  3. Sounds like a lovely day at St Anne’s the kites where a great display and now the fireworks what a fabulous time xx

  4. Good Morning Miss Ruby! What a lovely time you had! It looked like so much fun! Not that I want it to rain on you, but I do look forward to seeing you in your rain attire. I can only imagine how adorable you will be. A regular Fashionista! I bet the fireworks were just awesome. I'm glad you weren't scared of them. So many are and they run away. It's always best to mind your Mum and stick close to her. She loves you so much. Well, Little One, until we hear from you again, enjoy your day. Big Hugs to You and to Mum. xo

  5. So pleased Ruby & Dougal had a happy time. It is so good to get out and about whilst the weather is fine - winter will soon be with us. Thanks for updating Christina. Diana Lawton xxx

  6. Looks like you two had a great day! :)

  7. Nothing is more fun than the adventures of little Miss Ruby. I would love to see a piccy of her with her new haircut...I bet she looks stunning. Also can't wait for the raincoat photo so don't forget to put it on this page. Have a great week and just want you to know -- Ruby has a better social life than I do (tee hee hee!) Cheers!

  8. Love to see your getting out Ruby now the weather is warmer. A hair cut is always good and your newcoat will be good for the warmer weather ahead. Thanks for sharing Ruby adventures Christina. Love the photo of the beach with all the kites flying

  9. Sounds like a wonderful day to me Ruby. Wish I was with you.

  10. I love to hear about Rubys adventures xx🤨🐶


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