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May 27, 2017

Shabby Chic Winner ...

Hi Everybody,

Sorry for the late post today but I had lots of things to do this morning.  But now that I am finished I can get the draw done and announce the winner of yesterdays round Shabby Chic Card.

But before I do can I just say that if you enter for the draw then YOU must come back and check to see if your name is listed in Saturdays post.  And if you miss that then the winners names are all listed in the  Winners Page  which is there permanently in the sidebar to the left of this page

I have no way to chase you up to tell you that you have won and if you do not claim it in the 72 hours .... that's three days ... then you will lose it.. So please don't ask me two weeks later about the card that you won as it will not be available.

I am happy to make the cards and offer them as a gift to you.. I don't mind where you live I  will post it at my expense. I don't mind if you have won one before and you don't need to have a blog either.

I am sorry to keep repeating this but if you enter and don't claim the card then you are taking that card from some one else who would really like to have it and that's not fair to them

On to todays winner of the pretty circular card and the name chosen is yours ...

Maureen Killen
please can you send me your postal address to
and the card will be on its way to you straight away.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Well done Maureen you have won a beautiful card. Enjoy. Anne Owens xx

  2. Congratulations to Maureen... enjoy!

    Have a great weekend Christina

    June x

  3. There's something beautiful on its way to a lucky lady.

  4. Hi Christina. Congratulations to Maureen on winning A Christina special which will cheer you up during your convalescence. Xx

  5. Hi Christina, hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend .
    Well Done to Maureen ,please Maureen no wheelies or cartwheels with the excitement ,we want no more accidents just breath and enjoy your beautiful card..
    Elaine H X

  6. Congratulations Maureen. It's a lovely card to win.

  7. Congratulations Maureen well done xx

  8. Congratulations Maureen! Enjoy yourgorgeous card!
    Sandra Smith

  9. I am delighted Maureen has won your beautiful card, it will be treasured.
    Maureen is recovering from a fractured hip and has not been able to craft in the past 6 weeks. She will be a Happy Bunny.
    Thank you for offering us the chance to win your fantastic cards.
    Patricia xxx

  10. Hello Christina,
    Oh my word, I can't believe it. Thank you so much, I'll have to get my daughter to get a suitable frame before it arrives as I'm not fully mobile with my fractured hip. Thanks again.
    love Maureen xxx

  11. Congratulations Maureen on winning a beautiful card.
    Hope this prize will make you feel better.


  12. Congrats Maureen, enjoy your card and i hope you recover soon, cheers D

  13. Congratulations Maureen. I know you will love the card and treasure it.

  14. Get well soon Maureen. Love Anne Owens xx

  15. Congratulations Maureen. This card should help you heal faster. Christina must have some magic power :-)


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