January 23, 2020

#1 Paint Pour with Arteza

Hi Everybody,

So this is my first attempt at paint pouring with acrylic paints where I have actually filmed all the steps I took

I have had little practises before with small canvases but for this one I took my courage by the hand and filmed it.

It is such a lovely and easy way to paint and you don't need to be able to draw.

Arteza offered me the paints and canvases and a discount code for all you lovely people who may also want to give this a try.

In the video I show what extras I bought mostly to keep things as clean as possible but I have to warn you that it is a messy process

There are lots of different ways to do the pours ... flip cup, pour and drag, colander pours, swipe pours but if you try the Dutch Pour with a hairdryer then one of the things I must tell you about is test the force of your own hairdryer first.

With my own it was so strong that I ended up with paint all over the craft room wall as I blew the paint out.
 It took me ages to get it all off again and I ended up buying a smaller, cheaper hairdryer and it is much better for this technique
So here is the video of my very first public attempt at Paint Pouring

My inspiration has come from these Artists on YouTube namely ...
                       Rinske Douna   my favourite 

And if you like Abstract Art then check out ... 

And if you want to purchase Arteza with 10% off
 add the code ChristinaGriffiths2 valid until the 14th February


  1. That looks like so much fun. I think the trick is to have everything ready beforehand so that you can just go ahead and play with the colours. Well done I think it is fascinating to have watched you and now my fingers are itching to give it a try , Lyn xxx

  2. Looks interesting, looking forward to watching your video later.


  3. this is so fun. I didn't see any pouring medium. have you tried with that? also never heard of using a torch. tfs.

  4. Beautiful.Love blue and green together.Thanks for the video.

  5. Very clever and artistic. A great result- Love the colours. However I think I will stick to making cards as I would probably end up with paint everywhere it shouldn't be! xx

  6. You must be so pleased Christina I’m proud of you again thank you xxxxxxxx
    June horrocks

  7. Absolutely stunning....I love it...

  8. Very interesting video, may be not for me though. Diana Lawton xxx

  9. Great video, looks amazing with those few colours you used....but alas I do not think it is something for me...thank you Christina....luv Ursula xx

  10. Hi Christina
    Love the canvas that you have done. I will probably have a go in the future but am a little hampered at the moment with my injured hand
    Hugs and best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  11. Love the look but I don't think I will try this one. Thanks for sharing

  12. Good Morning Christina. I can understand trying out new crafts...but I think this one is not for me. I am a person who can't stand sticky hands. So having the paint all over them would drive me mad. The end results look great I admit.... But it's not for me. Thankyou Christina. Sending hugs and best wishes to everyone. Kind regards Ann Toppcards Leeds.

  13. Hello Christina,
    Love this, it's stunning and I'm going to have a go. I'll probably use acrylics which I already have first to see how I get on before splashing out on the Arkeza. I think the group you've made will look amazing together.
    Maureen x

  14. Pam Mckenzie-thank you Christina an interesting video, you did well, but I think I will stick to card.making, lv. Pam Mckenzie - Spain

  15. Watched your Video Christina what an interesting technique..I'll try anything once


  16. Thank You for the video, Christina. It looks messy and the results are stunning.
    Love the colour choices you used.

  17. Very creative and artistic! Can’t wait to see more!


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