January 22, 2020

Card Making Magic Oval Box

Hi Everybody,

With the great success of the Oval Box I thought it would be right to add a video to show people how to make really pretty boxes.

And so as not to make the video too long I have just concentrated on the box.

The beauty of video is that you can pause and rewind whenever you need to to and stop when you have had enough.

 I am someone who learns by watching and doing so to me it is the best way to get the technique over.

So here we have another beautiful box to add to you repertoire and they are far better than buying them in the shops.
These can be any colour you wish and personalised to the greatest detail without it costing you a fortune

More tomorrow  ...

Hugs xx


  1. Good Morning Christina. I absolutely love this set. And Thankyou so much for the video... it explains everything.. I ordered it the same day you introduced it two weeks ago. It was a yellow one. Ohhh my was I exited and couldn't wait until it arrived ...unfortunately it has been lost in the post. After numerous phone calls to craftstash and the post office I have received my money back.... But it was the set I wanted and now craftstash have sold out. which doesn't surprise me. Ohhh was I upset. They don't know when they will be instock again. Please keep up the good work Christina. Sending hugs and best wishes to everyone. Kind regards Ann Toppcards Leeds

  2. Congratulations on the recent successful launch and sell out. Having video tutorials is a great help to remind purchasers how easily they come together.

  3. I am a visual learner also and I just loved your oval box, so pretty in all the blues!

  4. Stunning box and great video; was easy to follow
    Thank You

  5. Oh how pretty is this, I love all your boxes, they seem to fit perfectly, I have yet to get this oval one though....thanks for the informative video....luv Ursula xx

  6. Beautiful, love the blue. Will watch the video tonight.

  7. So pleased you gave us the video to make a beautiful box. Thank you. Diana Lawton xxx

  8. Hello Christina,
    This is a wonderful set and your video is so good.
    Maureen x

  9. Hi Christina
    I absolutely love this oval box set and the box you have created with it is beautiful. I'm feeling rather disappointed though because by the time I got round to sending for it - it is out of stock so will have to wait a bit longe. Hopefullty it won't be too long.
    Hugs and best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  10. This box is beautiful and the detail you’ve added is gorgeous!

  11. Wonderful box and great video. Thanks for sharing.
    Valerija xx

  12. Wow!Absolutely Beautiful! Thank you for the great video and for the inspiration.


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