July 06, 2012

Bye bye Canada ...

I am squeezing in this post while I am at Halifax Airport, Canada waiting  to fly home to London Heathrow and  the next one will be from home.

It has been another hot day and neither Griff nor I are looking forward to the long journey home.

This is the boring bit waiting to board and take off.,,, and Griff hates flying at the best of times.

We are hoping to get some sleep on the flight because we have a long drive at the other end before we get back home.

This is our last view of Prince Edward Island as the ferry sailed away from the shore, and we take with us some very fond memories of our holiday with Naomi and Troy.

The sail across the Northumberland Strait took 70 minutes and the sea was so calm and sparkly.

We stopped at a town called Truro and had a walk around the park and these were some little friends that we made.

They came rushing up to us when we entered the park .... probably thought that we had food for them ... but sorry guys no such luck.
Now this is a photograph I could not resist sharing with you.

This is  Griff checking out his teeth in Naomis' magnifying mirror last night while we were all getting ready to go out for our farewell meal.

Caught unawares and I just happened to have a camera in my hand..... what more can I say except that it makes a real change from him photographing me doing something stupid.

And oh I have enjoyed adding this to this blog post.   Bless his little cotton socks ....

Hugs xx

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  1. You are only gone a day and you are still making me laugh, Gosh I miss you already... that is a fun picture of Griff and it is about time you got him back, tell him I said so, hehe! Loved your post and I am happy to hear you are making the best of a long boring trip.. I like your new friends. I am going to have so much fun with all the techniques you taught me. xxx


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