July 09, 2012

Sea Glass

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This is some beautiful Sea Glass that Naomi and I collected for Souris Beach which is right in front of her house. 

All we had to do was cross the road and there it was.... and such a beautiful view from the big window in her front room.

Enlarge the picture to see the array of colours in the glass and the smoothness of some of the pieces ... and when I learn how to make it into some lovely jewelery I will be sure to show you what I have done.

Some of the pieces are small enough to add to cards, but there are some that would make wonderful earrings.  The pinks and lilacs are gorgeous but my favourite is the very pale turquoise.

The blue is not so prominent and apparently the red is very rare.  I asked Griff if he would come collecting it off our local beach and his answer was ..... "Nope"  ..... spoil sport !!

Hugs xx


  1. How pretty...it will make lovely jewellery.

  2. It looks gorgeous and you are right, it would make some lovely jewellry.,xxxx


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