July 15, 2012

Tip for pen tops...

Since the videos have been added for the Spectrum Noir pens I have had many emails about them.

But one of the things I said in the video was about my disapointment with the numbers wearing off the pen tops very quickly, and so making it awkward to identify the pen at a later time.

Well the problems has been solved by a lady who watches my videos  and she sent in this very simple tip to stop that from happening.
She suggested that when you buy the pens ... and before you start to use them ... coat the top of each one with some kind of laquer.  And so I raided my cosmetics and found some clear nail polish and set to work doing just what she had said.

I covered both ends to every pen that I had ... and then I did the same thing along the barrel of  some pencils that I needed to keep the colour groups on. 

It took a little whitle to dry but once it was I then had the perfect preservation for all my Spectrum Noir Pens.

So thank you to Miriam for this wonderful tip and it is one that I am sure many many people will follow as well. 

Hugs xx


  1. Awesome tip! I will have to do that right away for sure!!! Thanks for sharing Christina!

  2. Great tip! I don't think that I would have ever come up with it on my own. Watched the video and it is fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing your new found talent.


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