July 25, 2012

I'm having a rant.....

Ooooh! I am so mad .... let me explain. I have not used my credit card for ages and so when we went to Canada I paid for the flights using it.

I emailed the credit card company to tell them that I would be out of the country until the 7th July and they acknowledged that email.

Then once the fights had been added to the card I paid the bulk of it off early and emailed them again explaining that I had done this to save any fees. That was also acknowledged.

Then when I got back I had a bill for the rest of the money so I rang them ... and I asked the woman for the exact figure to clear the card back to zero again and she gave it to me.

So I instantly paid it over the phone and asked was that the account now cleared and she said ... "Yes it was now back to zero". I wrote on the statement ... "Paid in Full" .... and patted myself on the back.

Today I have had a statement telling me that there is an interest charge .... so I have been back on the phone again very, very angry.

I asked how could there be an interest charge on a zero balance????

Apparently the interest is calculated in advance on the next statement and because I had paid it early the interest had been reduced but still added to the zero balance..... Er what!!!

I was not a happy bunny... I was being penalised for having paid off my account early.

Off she went to see what she could do ... and came back telling me that the sum had been removed and that the acount WAS now cleared.

And the moral to this story is ... don't be good and pay your cards off early .... wait for the bill and make them wait till the last week ... but avoiding any late fees ... before you settle it.

Rant over .... back to cards tomorrow

Hugs xx


  1. They are a law unto themselves, very much like banks.
    Otherwise, have a nice day!!!!!

  2. love it Christine,been there as well lol

  3. Have come across that myself.... so wrong!! x

  4. I do not like credit cards... long time ago I had one card with insurance on it (as advised by bank to must have one) and I was told my credit limit. I hand to use it in a shop (was going to pay it off like you shortly after) but what a surprise arrived with the statement? I went over the limit... why if I asked sale assistant to charge my brand new credit card just the limit I had and was told in a bank? It was because credit card charged insurance at the end of the month and no one told me that my credit card limit is actually not what I was told but less monthly credit card insurance. I called to cancel the insurance and was asked many times or do I really want to do it as this is very useful to have one... ;) I am still using credit card (same one) but very rarely :) I have never heard about early settlement fees... ;)

  5. I hope this trouble is cleared up and behind you now. At least they were nice and helpful :D
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  6. Oh, them credit card companies have you coming and going don't they?
    Well, now that you have ranted, you can now move onto much happier things

  7. Oh God, I am so sorry you had to go through this frustration... I had a similar experience where I paid off my card in full , I ended up with bad credit because of it..I called and they said if I would have made monthly payments instead it would have worked out for me... couldn't they have told me before when I sat with them to discuss this???? If you ask me it is all backwards and I know how mad I was!!!!
    Glad it worked out for you in the very end!!! I am still paying for it (I think)

  8. I know exactly what you mean Christina these companies can't seem to cope with people who actually want to pay their bills, only the ones who don't. Hope your day gets better. Linda xxx

    1. You know why of course? When we pay in full, and incur no interest charges, the credit card company is making no profit from us. They really would prefer not to have customers like us. I had to pay interest of 0.17p some years ago, but that is all they benefited from me. It is wise to pay in full, every month. But they LOVE the users who pay the minimum only.

  9. How irritating...hope you feel better now you've let off steam! :)

  10. OOhh, that would have made me so mad, too!! I'm so glad you got it fixed and don't have to pay :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  11. Yup, that's what happens to me...I pay the full amount right away then get a statement for $.97!! are you serious!! yup! next month I get a credit for the $.97...they play with you and your money! I use my credit card only in a dire emergency...it's very frustrating....I feel for u

    1. Main reason for credit card is to shop online, especially for craft goodies. Certain aerlines only allow bookings on line, so again a credit card is essential.


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