July 18, 2012

Copyright Infringement ...

This a quick post and no pictures and is to get out the message from Maurie J Manning.  

This is the wonderful artist whose magical pencil creates the beautiful images that I have been using for my videos.

It would appear that someone has been stealing some of her drawings and altering them. Maybe changing them fro boys to girls or vice versa, or altering the clothes that some of the characters are wearing.

She has also been adding her own name to the images to sell.

Can I urge you please that if you should wish to purchase any of Mo's drawings to colour them for yourself then you only buy them direct from her website ... Mo's Digital Pencil  and this link will take you to all the wonderful characters that Mo has on offer.

I have such respect for any one that can create such beautiful drawings and my personal view is that to steal them and claim them as your own is despicable.

Hugs xx


  1. I quite agree Christina, how people can live with themselves when they do this I just don't know. I hope they get named and shamed. Linda xxx

    1. That is such a mean thing to do. Actually I believe it is theft. If done in the business world where copyright is legal, that person would be brought to justice. Shame on her/him

  2. That's a total disgrace,Christina. Love Mo's stamps and can't believe that people do that kind of thing.

  3. Unfortunately I fear that this may be fairly common practice and Mo will not be the only talented artist to suffer in such a fashion. Another way in which people are cheated is by those who scan pictures into a computer, use a graphics package to convert to line drawings and then claim/sell the results as 'original handdrawn artwork'!

    Such people have no conscience and are happy enough to make money from their parasitic endeavours, whilst the purchasers are often unaware that they are buying 'fakes'.

    Totally abhorrent practices and hopefully those who indulge in them will be found out and publicly named, shamed and forced to recompense the artists from whom they've stolen.

  4. What a sin!!!! Being an artist I can only imagine if this happened to me... what a shame it is..

  5. Thank you for the "Head's Up" on this! I agree, it is despicable!!! I will be sure to share this info with everyone I know.

  6. That's exactly how my son makes a living as a Trademark,/patent attorney. Whoever did this should be sought out and sued! Sorry to hear about that.


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