July 07, 2012

...Hello UK

Here I am back at home. We flew through the night and got into Heathrow this morning ... and after travelling for 26 hours we are both really tired. 

We are trying to stay awake as long as we can though to get back on track with the time change ... but at 9pm this Saturday evening it is getting harder by the second.

So not many photos in this short post but this is a story I  just had to share with you. 

Just after I had finished writing my post in the airport lounge I decided to go and check on the time of our flight.

I left Griff finishing off his drink and I walked over to the display board.  I was very shocked to read that our flight had been delayed ... on the board it had flight 806 delayed 24.

 I rushed back to where Griff was and told him and his response was "You're joking'

"No" I said "come and check it with me" ..... and as we went back over to the board he wanted to go the washroom first.

While he was gone I saw two official looking men walking towards me and so I asked politely where I could get more information on a flight that had been delayed for 24 hours.    "24 HOURS ...." one of them said in a surprised voice ... "where are you going?  " Heathrow" I told him and he asked me to go with him to the Air Canada information desk and he would find out.

In the meantime Griff had come to join me and we asked questions of one of the men who was an airport policeman and he was very helpful and friendly.  H explained that the other guy ... who had gone to find out what was going on ... was the airport director.

Well eventually he came back all smiles and told us "Yes ma-am your flight has been delayed ..... by 30 minutes to 00.15 .... the 24 is the gate number" 

Guess who felt such an idiot ????

But we all ended up laughing at what was a very easy mistake to make... well I think it was anyway and it was because I was tired.... and that's the excuse I am sticking too.

Hugs xx


  1. Easy mistake to make!!!
    Sleep well!

  2. It's just as well you spoke to those men.............I'm glad you got home safely.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your photographs and I'm glad you had a great time.
    Love and hugs


  3. This is the worst of going Stateside, getting back into normal time for UK. But is looks like it was well worth it. xxx

  4. alls well that ends well, welcome home, we have missed you xxx

  5. Yes , sounds like an easy mistake to make for sure! Wow , you must have been exausted just thinking of having to wait that long! Phew!!! I am so happy to hear it all worked out.

  6. Glad to hear that was a mistake...that wouldn't have been so fun:) Glad you made it home safely! Get some rest..traveling can be exhausting along with the time change:)
    Take care,
    Sherrie K

  7. I'm sure I would have made the same mistake!! Glad you are home safely and hope you are able to rest and relax :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts


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