July 01, 2012

Canada Day ...

Canada celebrates it's birthday on the 1st of July each year and this small town is no exception.

We have been down to the park area for the party and to join in the fun.

The town was named Souris  (pronounced Surrey)  by the French and it means mouse.

This character is the Souris Mouse and he went around  welcoming everybody to the park.

There was lots of stalls and entertainment as well as a talent show for the local youth .... and the sun was so hot all day long.

Now this is a couple of strange men that we found at the park all dressed up for Canada Day..... Naomis' Troy and my "Film Crew" having a laugh.

Griff bought a Canada T-shirt and has flags draped around his neck ... and Troy has red glasses with flashing lights along each side.

But we had fun and tonight there is more to come.  Music on the beach ... which is just outside Naomis'  front door.... and we are having a BBQ with all of their friends.

Great vacation so far and very kind weather too.

Hugs xx

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