October 26, 2012


Day 7 October 12th  Barcelona   

Oh! how I loved this place and I could have spent days here.

But  we only  had  hours and we had to prioritize  what we viewed ...  and the one  thing  I wanted to  do was visit  the  Sagrada Familia. 

This is the most iconic sight of Barcelona and everybody instantly recognises it from this building.

It was started by Antoni Gaudi  in 1882 and when he died in 1926 there was only one of the towers completed.

You can see from the photo the new work that is on going to this amazing place.

We had to join the line of people waiting to go inside and it took us almost an hour to reach the door.

The sculptures on the outside are so beautiful and if you click the photos you will get a better look at the intricate work.

It was truly a sight to behold and I was so glad that we decided to  visited it.

But this is one of the places where it rained and we had bought some plastic ponchos to keep us dry... and as we waited in the queue we certainly   needed them.

But some enterprising young people were selling umbrellas to the crowds and so we bought two for $10 .... more on these brollies on another day!!

They must have made a packet that day and here is my Film Crew with his .... to go with his smile... and his new hoody to keep him warm.

We had lots of time to take the photos of the outside  and the wonderful work that is still on going and who knows when it will be eventually finished.

The entrance fee that you pay is used to complete the work but it will take many many years yet.

So lets go inside shall we ????

This was looking at the gorgeous ceiling and these pillars are huge.

There is information around the interior telling you how it was built and the type of stone that is used and I could have read it all I was so ready to learn about this place.

But it would take me pages to add it all to a post ... and of course time was short for us as we had to be back on board the ship by 7 pm ... so we moved on.
This was a spiral staircase that ran along one side and the light shining through created a very ethereal effect.

It was very beautiful but as always the photos do not do things the justice they deserve.

I just hope that one day you all get the chance to visit this magical place and get as much pleasure from it as I have.

The view from another area and again the light was amazing... and there where hundreds of people in there all admiring the work of these great sculptors.

Because of course the work is now carried on by many skilled artists that are still working to Gaudis'  master plan.

 I have so many photos of this place I could go on for ever...

You can go up to the top of one of the towers for a wonderful view over Barcelona but the wait for that was so long we couldn't do it.

Maybe one day I will go back and have the time to explore fully all the treasures that this city holds.

Antoni Gaudi may have died a long time ago but his vision of beauty is being carried on.

He must be really proud of the work that he, and those that follow in his footsteps are creating for the world to see.

Day 8 takes us to  Palma  De  Mallorca

Hugs xx


  1. Hi Christana. Lovely pics in barcelona and you must have been there when we were. We travelled by train on 12th for 1 night to pick our cruise up and we go back there on 27th for 2 nights then home on train. It truly is a beautiful place. xxx

  2. Oh my...The detail and intricacy involved in the building of Sagrada Familia is amazing and also the majestic heights of the pillars and ceilingsA truly magnificent place xXx

  3. These pictures are gorgeous...thank you so much for sharing....keep em coming please.....oh and have a good time....lol

  4. Barcelona is on my list of places to go.
    The Sagrada Familia is stunning and its amazing to think that Gaudi is long dead but his building is living and evolving.

  5. Wow Christina.. I am in awe of the intristic design!!!!! Griff looks great! Where are the pictures of you????


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