October 22, 2012

On board ...

Royal Promenade
This is the main street that runs along deck five and it is like a shopping mall it was so big.. you can just make out the cobbled roadway .

It has shops, cafes and bars on either side and the cafe is open 24 hours a day, and the sky changes colour at night.

There is an English Pub that has live music each evening and it was very popular.

There is even a barbers shop along one side.

The windows on either side are to cabins, which are on the inside decks, and they overlook the street ... but  they are so sound-proofed that there is no disturbance to the occupants.

Vintages Wine Bar
This is the place that became one of our favorite spots and this is Vintages Wine Bar.

The car outside is a real Morgan and Griff loved it.

He would love to have driven it on some country roads .... but there was no engine in it.

Now how do I know this ?????

Because Griff was underneath having a look at it all, as cars and watches, along with cameras and phones are among his pet subjects.

In fact any gadget is right up his street.  He's a real Inspector Gadget.
Alhambra Theatre

This is the Alhambra Theatre and it seated over a thousand people.

The shows where shown twice each night for different dining seatings and we went to the 9pm shows.

The standard was excellent and the costumes and scenery could rival any West End show.

There wasn't one show that was bad. And the crew and staff work really hard to please all the passengers.
Ice Rink

This is the Ice Rink and it was bigger than it looks here.

Once again the show was excellent and in the two weeks we had on board there where two different shows.

The audience was very appreciative of the skills displayed by the young skaters.

Now this was the closest I got to this area.

It was the GYM with so much stuff in there it was amazing... all overlooking the sea as you worked out.

There was even a boxing ring in the centre of it ... but we wandered in .. took  a photo and wandered out again ... and never went back!

In my next post I will show you some of the delights that are outside and some of our favorite places there too.

Hugs xx


  1. Wow looks amazing, I am so jealous
    Suzie xx

  2. Wow, this looks so amazing!! I don't see how something that massive floats on water!! What an awesome trip this must have been!! Thanks for sharing the pictures...I look forward to more :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. You can hardly imagine the sheer size of the ship Christina. I don't blame you for not trying out the gym...you were on holiday after all!!! LOL Fantastic photos xXx

  4. So lovely! I am getting a treadmill this week (almost)like the ones here, I would imagine cheaper , hahahaha


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