October 25, 2012

Gibraltar ...

                                9th October ...  Day 4 of our cruise.

This is the Rock of Gibraltar coming into view through the morning mist as we sailed into Port.

It was a beautiful morning and although still early it was very warm.

We planned to go and look around and as the town was not far from the port we walked in and did our own thing.

But the highlight on our sail in was a huge school of Dolphins all following the ship.

I needed to be quick to get the camera and see what I could capture.
Click to Enlarge

They look like little dots ...  but if you click the photo you can see clearly what they are and they were beautiful.

There were literally hundreds of them all swimming past us and we had the same delightful display later in the day as we sailed away from the Rock.

It was truly magical to see them and even though the picture is not very good it is a reminder of that wonderful sight.

Our Captain did a fantastic job of maneuvering  such a large ship into it's place in the dockside and it was quite something to see.

Then once in the town the first stop was to enjoy the sunshine with a  Latte and do a little people watching.

And one of the first things I spotted was this ....

... Arts and Crafts right in the square.

The stature was a real man and when he moved some passing people really jumped in surprise.

He was covered in chain mail and he looked very good sat on his horse.

We had a lovely day here but we had to be bake on board ship by 3.30 pm for the sail away.

This is the view as we sailed away from Gibraltar and the tiny runway strip of the airport can just be seen in the distance.

So the next day was spent at sea as we made our way to Cannes where we planned to take a trip into Monaco to visit the Palace and the Cathedral.

Hugs xx


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your vacation with us! It's about 16 years since I spent a day in Gibraltar and your photos bring back great memories :) xoxox

  2. Look at that gorgeous sky and sea. We blinked and missed summer here. Oh well.... maybe next year we'll get decent weather. (We live in hope)LOL

  3. I love the photo where you stopped and had latte with all the houses up the side of the hill!!! So did you buy anything!!!


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