October 26, 2012

Palma De Mallorca

 Day 8 in  Majorca

We took a trip from the ship on this day and in the morning we visited the Caves of Drach and it rained here. But fortunately we were underground at the time so it didn't really bother us.... no need for the brollies then !!

It is the biggest underground lake in Europe and went way down ... passing some beautiful scenery as we went.  But unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos and so I can't show you the view.

Once at the lake all the lights were turned off and we sat on benches and waited.... then from one side of  the  lake we could hear classical music and three illuminated boats sailed into view... with the musicians on board.

Because of the acoustics in the caves the sound was wonderful and the atmosphere amazing.

Then came the long walk back,  up lots of steps,  to the  top and by the  time we got there to was into the sunlight.

On the way back to Palma we visited a Pearl factory and watched a lady making the faux pearls from glass. They were very pretty but I didn't buy any as they are not really my style of jewelry.

This was the Cathedral up on the hill and the sky was a beautiful blue.

It was very warm and sunny in the afternoon and we didn't have to be back on board till 7 pm.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around ... after we had had some lunch in a near by cafe.

These were the steps to the top of the hill and it was quite a climb but the inside of the Cathedral was well worth it.

We very much enjoy the sightseeing and Cathedrals, churches, museums and Castles are always top of our lists.

We have a friend who only ever wants to "shop"  wherever she goes and that seems to me to be a waste when there is so much culture to see in strange places.

Imagine going to Barcelona and not visiting the Sagrada Famila ... what a waste.

This is the ceiling inside this lovely place and notice the different colours in it.

The light in here was wonderful and again another sight not to be missed.

The view from the top was overlooking the port where our ship was waiting in the distance

On the way back to the ship we passed many artists sitting in the sunshine, along the centre promenade, creating some lovely paintings for sale.

They where of landscapes, seascapes as well as portraits of  subjects that where willing to sit and be painted.

But we passed by and headed back on board after a very pleasant day in Palma.

And who knows maybe we will go back for a longer holiday here in the future.... but Day 9 is on the way and we are more than half way through our holiday... Sigh!!

Hugs xx


  1. What absolutely beautiful pictures!! All of the places you are visiting are so fabulous!! The Barcelona pics are stunning!! I'm enjoying your vacation through you :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. More fantastic photos Christina Palma looks really wonderful and the underground caves sound amazing.xXx

  3. Hi, I didn,t know you were on a cruise, We have just finished ours in Venice. We were on NCL,s Norwegian Spirit. Been on better, but still enjoyed it. xxxxx

  4. it is lovely to see all the photos and very good of you to share them with us.. can you believe it I live in Spain and have never been to Barcelona!!

  5. what lovely photos and good of you to share them with us,although I live in Spain I have never been to Barcelona !!

  6. So happy to hear they still do the lamplit 'concert' in the Caves of Drach - I still remember it from many years ago as though it was yesterday!

    Your trip is amazing and thank you for sharing all your lovely pics and feelings with us!

  7. How cool is they had classical music down under! I was just reading that it raised the vibrations in your body and is so good for you! Sounds so relaxing yet exciting! You are certainly one to learn about the culture rather than shop for I have learned more about PEI through you and Griff , lol


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