October 24, 2012

More from the Ship

This is the running track on the top deck and all I did was walk around it.

The blue sky was wonderful and of course this became very busy with energetic people running around it several times.

All the sunbeds are stacked neatly every night and then laid out each morning after the deck had been cleaned.

The cleanliness on this ship is second to none.... it was spotless both inside and out.

Here are some more photos of the facilities available on board but some of the photos are a little blurred.

This was the Schooner Bar and in the corner was a large Grand Piano.

Live music was in here and also quizzes that were very popular with a  cash prize to the winner at the end of the two weeks.

This was the Pyramid Lounge and in here there was a rock band, dancing, quizzes and classes.

We had a few nights dancing in here ... well you have to work all that food off somewhere!!

One of our favorite places ... which I don't have a photo of ... was the bar right at the top of the ship called Olive or Twist.

It had large windows overlooking the sea and the lower decks and Dinner Jazz music played by a trio most nights.

The atmosphere in here was very relaxed and it was lovely to sit on the big comfy sofas near a window ... even during the day ... and watch the world float by.

This is the Art Gallery and there were several auctions for some of the beautiful paintings.

The photo is a little blurred but the paintings were not.

There was also a Casino on board but we didn't visit that either.

These cycles in the Gym were looking out to sea and this was the closest I got to them.

There was a piece of equipment for any exercise that you cared to do and lots of it.

Then if you wanted to you could visit the Spa for a massage, Acupuncture  or a beauty treatment ... you could even get your teeth whitened if you wanted to.

 And here is the Boxing ring I told you about.

I am sure that some of the younger men would be in here practising  their Pugilistic Skills.

I preferred to spend my time relaxing and enjoying the scenery outside around the pool.

And on the deck there was the Mini Golf course.

These are just some of the facilities that are available and I think you would be hard pushed to be bored on there.

There was something going on all the time to cater for every kind of interest... and for the first two days we were at sea sailing away from the UK and into some sunshine.

In my next post I will show you some more photos of my adventure at sea.

Hugs xx

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  1. Is there anything this ship didn't have?? lol I would have like the bar myself with Jazz playing..sounds so peaceful!


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