October 28, 2012

Lisbon in the Rain ...

Day 12 Lisbon

This was the view from our balcony as we sailed up the river, passing the Monument to the Discoveries and on into Lisbon.

It was very early in the morning  and the weather forecast was rain and I promise you it did not disappoint.

We have been to Lisbon before so we had a plan of what we wanted to do and we got the ships shuttle bus from the port into town.
I snapped Griff filming from the balcony and this Monument on the hill was in the background.

It is enormous but we didn't have time to visit this.

You can see how grey the sky was even at this hour in the morning.
The first stop was to go to the Castle on the hill and we walked up a very steep hill to get there.

 As we got to the top the skies opened and down came the rain... so no photos.

We decided to take the small trams back down into the town to rejoin the shuttle bus and go to another part of the city.

But not too worry I had our plastic ponchos and the trusty umbrellas

This is the Monument to the Discoveries that we wanted to photograph but it was so wet we took shelter in the cafe.

I had a welcoming hot chocolate ... looking like a drowned rat ...

.... and Griff had some fresh squeezed juice ... looking his usual handsome self with not a hair out of place and no mascara running down his face.

Then it was out into the rain  to try and get a photo.... complete with the ponchos again and the brollies from Barcelona.... but all was not well !!

The thing decided to blow inside out and here I am trying to fix it without much success.... in fits of giggles as I tried.

Griff said we should go back to Barcelona and complain ....

So I am afraid that this is the best I could do on this very wet day ...  and we made our way back to the shuttle bus.

But as we waited for the bus  we spotted this very beautiful building and the fountain was still flowing even in the rain ... so out came the camera again.

Once back on the ship ... all showered and dry ... we found a cozy spot at the top in the  "Olive or Twist" lounge bar.

We settled into some cozy sofas with a lovely cocktail and watched as we sailed out of Lisbon and past the Monument again.

And would you believe that once back on the ship the rain stopped and the sun came out......

Hugs xx 


  1. You spent all that money geting to Lisbon only to get rain while we've had bucket loads here for free!!!!! LOL....
    The architecture is magnificent Christina and I'm glad to see the rain didn't spoil your time spent in Lisbon

  2. Too bad the weather ... we are a country full of sun and Mrs.'d like the "light" in a Lisbon day without rainless.sorry


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