October 28, 2012


Day 13 Vigo, Spain

This is the last stop now and the next one will be in Southampton and then home. 

It has all passed far too quickly but we have had a wonderful time on board this huge cruise ship.

So this is Vigo and this chap is waiting to greet us outside the port entrance.

He was quite tall and many people had photos taken with him ... but he was not a living statue ... no this a  real solid statue.
This was another big statue near the port but I have no idea what it is supposed to represent.

The weather although not raining was not very warm and we only had till 2.30 pm before we needed to be back on board to sail for home.

This was a little park that we found and we sat for a little while watching and listening to the water.

Every so often the pattern in the water cascade changed to a different formation and it was very pretty to watch.

The view along the main street made us want to see what was there and so we walked all along this shopping area... with the obligatory coffee stop on the way.

We sat and people watched for a while and then set off back to the ship. 

And this cloud in the sky looked just like a bird and so was worthy of a camera shot as we walked.

And so we said our farewells to Vigo and this was the shot from alongside the ship.

The sun was setting later in the day as we sailed away from the land.

The water as it was churned up was the most beautiful shade of turquoise and oh so clean.

This has been a Happy Holiday ...  and tomorrow is Day 14 and back to the Southampton UK ... and the long drive back to Blackpool.

So no more snaps from me till the next  holiday.

 Thank you so much for viewing all my pictures  and leaving me your lovely comments.

I am glad that you have enjoyed seeing them as much as I had taking them.

But now it will be back to work on  Card Making Magic  and to lots of new changes that are happening on the website.

The next posts will be back to card making and another video is on the way. 

Hugs xx


  1. Oh I so enjoyed your journey...love each picture taken...it doesn't seen like you've been gone for two weeks....time flys when your having fun....for sure....thank you so much for sharing this with us....I really....really did enjoy the journey with you and your DH.....thank you...

  2. Great journey Christina. We are back home tomorrow aswell and I cant wait to get back to normal food instead of pigging out!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Vigo looks like a beautiful city!! I'm sad you are at the end of the journey...I so enjoyed the pictures!! But I have missed your fabulous projects!! Happy Sunday :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. I've enjoyed reading about and seeing the photos of your holiday as well Christina and I'm sorry it's come to an end. Roll on next year xXx

  5. Absolutely gorgeous photos, Christina! I know how fast the time goes when you're on vacation... sorry it has come to an end! Thanks so much for sharing!


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