October 24, 2012

Dining at Sea ...

This was the Dining Room that was one of many on board, and you can see the three levels to this room.

The bottom part was called the Romeo and Juliette and the middle area was Macbeth.   In these you had a regular table and dining was in two sittings. Either 6 pm or 8.30 pm.

But the top floor was "My time dining" and this was what we chose to do as in here you could go any time between 6 pm and 9.30 pm.

This floor was the King Lear and it was a much paler decor than the lower floor.  We had a table overlooking the sea and it was lovely.

The service is superb and nothing is too much trouble for these hard working and very pleasant waiters.

And after the first meeting they remember your name,  what wine you like to drink, and how you like your fillet Steak cooked.

Most of the dining was casual but  there where three Formal Nights and then it was Dinner Jackets and Evening Dresses and it was a real treat to get dressed up.

Here all the waiters are singing a song to welcome us on board this fabulous cruise ship... click the photo to hear them in full voice.

At the top of the ship there was a self service Restaurant  that had an amazing choice,  every day,  of food from around the world.... and masses of it to fill the largest appetite.

It was open from 7 am until 9.30 pm and this also had huge windows overlooking  the sea.

In my next post I will show you some of the places that we visited on the  Independence of the Seas ...starting with our first Port of Call .... Gibraltar.

Hugs xx 



  1. More gorgeous photos of a very memorable holiday Christina xXx

  2. What a nice welcome!!!! that has to be the nicest dining room I have ever seen.. you have so many beautiful memories!!


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