October 24, 2012

Water Pools

Here is the family area and it has two pools on either side of the centre deck.

This was also the place were we  "Danced Under the Stars" to the Rock Band that was on board.

The pool bar is in the background for soft drinks as well as Cocktails, wine and beers... and above that was the Sky Bar.

But this is the H20 area  especially for the younger children and it has water coming in sprays from all the objects around it

You can also see the upper decks running along side the pools.

I know these people have their coats on but these photos are taken while we are still in the UK.

So not that warm to be in swimwear .... well not yet any way.

More to follow as we sailed into some warmer climes.

Hugs xx



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  2. The skybar sounds really interesting, do you have a photo of it! Great pics!


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