October 01, 2012

Here's the pretty box ...

I have been  making more of these boxes and it is surprising how  large they are.

You would be able  to get  lots of chocolates in there if that was the gift  you were giving,  and much prettier than  a shop bought box that they come in.

Here is the White  box that I made from  Centura Pearl card from  Crafters Companion

It is a quite a sturdy  card and as the card  was 16" square the finished   box is big... just think of the  chocolates that would go  in that one.

The only problem with  that is I would be  saying  "One for the box .. and one for me...." if you know what  I mean?????

The top to the  box has been decorated  with the  Poinsettia Flowers  and I added in some  white feathers  later.

This is  the box  that is created  on the video  and because of the time  limits with  YouTube  I have had to do it in two parts.

You can find  them both  here in this link... Origami Box Tutorial   and I hope you will  enjoy it. 

And I  wonder if  you will  spot the  deliberate  mistake  .... I forgot  to add the  tag that  I cut out for the box.

But you  can see it in the photo so  I remebered after the video was  complete.

I have  used a  double sided  good quality  paper for this so that it wouldn't  tear and the  "Bling" is from  Want2Scrap

I have  also done it in a  darker colour way as I have an  Aunt who loves  this look.

So guess  what her  Christmas prezzie  will be in this  year !!!

And it will be  filled with  scented soaps and  bath crystals as  well as a face cloth and other goodies for her to use.... coz I will have eaten the choccies !

Hugs xx


  1. So beautiful these boxes, thank you Christina for sharing. Laure xx

  2. Oh how beautiful is white on white, just so stunning. xxx

  3. Thanks Christina. Can't wait to get cracking now! You are so kind to do this when you must have been very busy getting ready for your holiday. Hope you have a great time!! love from Christine x

  4. Great boxes Christine - have just folded along with you and had a great result! Looking forward to making more of these for Christmas gifts!!

    Su x

  5. Fantastic boxes Christine, your blog is so inspirational.
    Teresa xx

  6. Now with your last video posted, you and your film crew can relax and anticipate on your SEA CRUISE!!!! Thank you so much for doing this for us!! As soon as Michael and I are well again I am giving this an honest try, I love them! The darker one is gorgeous too!!! Thank you Christina for all your support with Michael's cards, I have had at least 10 people come from your blog... such an amazing response. hugs

  7. These are amazing Christina - maybe will get some made for Christmas gifts. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Betsy xxx

  8. Oh Christina these boxes are BEAUTIFUL
    I think you should send your choccy supply to me out of temptations way or you won't fit into your bikini on holiday! xXx

  9. Finding your posts on you tube inspired my spellbinders buying when I bought my grand calibur, and your blog is doing the same now.Love the boxes and cannot wait to have a go.Hugs Linda

  10. These are the cutest boxes!! I am going to watch the video and maybe give it a try. Your work is always beautiful!!

  11. Beautiful boxes :) Love the idea to give it with a surprise inside as Christmas gift :)

  12. You've done it agian, beautiful boxes, will definitely be watching the video.....TFS



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