October 27, 2012


Day 10 Malaga

This holiday is passing fat too quickly and here we are at our last Mediterranean   stop before we have a days sailing to get to Lisbon. 

 At this stop we had to be back on board by 7 pm so we had a good days sightseeing planned. 

This was the Castle a the top of the hill and today it was a beautiful sunny day.

The view over Malaga was lovely in the sunshine and we took lots of photos.

You can just see one of the other ships in the distant port

Malaga is the Birthplace of Picasso and of course we had to visit the house.

It was near a very busy square that was bustling with people and a very good place to have a coffee stop

This beautiful building was worth a photo shot but for the life of me I cannot remember what it was...

... but this young man was one of the living statues that we saw in many towns.

He very rudely told me to add money to his cap if I wanted a photo of him.... and I couldn't very well refuse seeing as how I had the photo.

But  he was the only  one ..  out of several of these living statue people that I took ... that was rude about it.

Hugs xx



  1. Yes "MY" holiday is passing far too quickly too and thank goodness we stopped for a coffee I was needing that with all the sightseeing we've done! LOL
    Seriously Christina...more gorgeous photos and the "statue" knew when to tell you to put money in his hat...AFTER you'd taken the photo!

  2. Christina, I have serious catching up to do seeing all your pictures of your cruise!!! These are fantastic , why didn't you give the rude statue a slap on the leg? lol Off to check the rest!


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