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June 06, 2023

Apologies ...

Hi Everybody,

Last week I added two pages to my blog and for some reason they seem to have corrupted the look of the pages, and so to save my sanity I have removed them.

But I am adding the videos here again for those who may have missed them due to the mess on the page. 

The first video was how I made my own texture paste using Talcum Powder and some cheap glue and paint. It is very easy to do and gives the same effect as the more expensive shop bought item.

The second video was showing how I used some of those backgrounds to make card like the ones I have shown here.

There are quite a few in the video and if you click the links it will take you to my YouTube channel where you can watch it peacefully.

I am sorry about the loss of the other two pages but it is really frustrating trying to sort it all out especially when you don't know how the html code works.

So I did the only thing I could and that was to remove them.

More tomorrow ...


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