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June 04, 2023

Doris Shawcross - Winner

Hi Everybody,

I hope you are all well and enjoying this glorious weather. I was up at 7am this morning and Ruby and I were on the beach by 7.45 We had it all to ourselves for quite some time and it was lovely. The tide was a long way out and would have been such a loooooong walk to get to the sea, so we gave that one a miss.

I wanted to show you this photo of the closeness of Ruby and Ella.

The kitten has been so patient trying to get close to Ruby. Rubbing herself round Ruby's legs  and following her everywhere.

Whenever we have been out Ella runs to Ruby to greet her and she tries so hard to be her friend.

Well this was taken while they are both lying on my bed and Ella was very sneaky. She crept in to lie beside Ruby and was so comfortable she started to groom herself.

It was lovely to see  .... but it didn't last much longer then three minutes and then Ruby was up and off. Still it's a start and Ella's perseverance paid off on that occasion.  Bless her !!

I have now done the draw for the beautiful Eucalyptus dies set and the name today is ...

Doris Shawcross
would you send me your postal address please to
and I will get it in the post to you.

I would be grateful if you could let me know that you have it safely and I hope you enjoy playing with the dies and stamps.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Lovely photo! Congrats to the winner.


  2. Ah lovely seeing Ruby and Ella getting close, well done Doris x

  3. lovely photo .Glad you have some sun- please send some to our coast. Its cool and cloudy >

  4. Good Morning Christina. Well we are back from our lovely holiday in Turkey. I can see I missed some lovely posts and videos. The hotel we were in had Wi-Fi but it didn't carry very far .... So I didn't get to post. The connection was almost non existent so I gave it up as a bad job.
    I love looking back on older posts and techniques. So Thankyou for these. .
    Sending hugs 🤗 and best wishes to everyone who needs them today.
    Please stay safe and well 🙏 .
    Kind regards Ann Toppcards in Leeds


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