October 05, 2017

Butterflies & Lamination + Sequins !!

Hi Everybody,

Today I am sharing a card that has a laminated background behind the butterflies and it was really easy to do.

The laminating pouches are not expensive.  I got mine from the £££ shop and there are ten in the pack .. Cheap as Chips !!

The sequins and glitter I had in my stash and so I had fun making this card.

In the video I take you through each of the steps needed to make it and the supplies are listed at the bottom of the page for you to see what I used

Butterflies and Lamination   is just long enough for you to have a cuppa and maybe a biscuit or three

Each one of the cards has used the die cut aperture piece on another design

You just need to plan the background so that it will work with the second card

But using what is in effect the waste saves you time and money if you make use of it.

Have fun

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Morning Christina, a very pretty card intrigued how it was done off to watch video.
    Nancyd xx

  2. What a unique way of using lamination. It makes for very pretty effect especially with butterflies. Nicely done

  3. This is a lovely card Christina and what a good idea! X

  4. Must watch the video later - this is very intriguing . Thank you Christina.

  5. Hello Christina,
    What a brilliant way to encapsulate sequins and glitter. Love the video and the ideas, thank yoy.
    Maureen xx

  6. Hi Christina
    Two lovely cards. Will be looking at the video later.

  7. Hi Christina
    What delightful cards. Just watched the video and love such a novel idea using lamination. Will have to give this a try when I get my heat machine,
    Best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  8. Lovely cards and a great video. I love the different ideas you share!

  9. Great effect with the clouds and the Brusho butterflies.


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