October 28, 2017

Card Winner and a Thank You !!

Hi Everybody,

First of all I want the say Thank You  to everyone who bought some of my new collection that was launched last Friday.

In a matter of days many parts of the Christina Collection have sold out.

Craft Stash are in the process of re-ordering so if you want any then you can pre-order it now.

Today I am adding the video   Five Foiled Cards and One Box  which is yet another way to put your boxes to good use. I have added five different cards complete with envelopes to one box that could be given as a gift.  

Card Winner

So now lets get on with choosing today's winner for the card and gift from yesterday. The name drawn from the hat this morning is you ...

MaryEllen Brown

please would you email me your postal address to
and they will be on the way to you straight away

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Congrats MaryEllen.........enjoy!!!!

  2. Congratulations Mary Ellen.
    WOW Christina, nothing than blogging up cards. The cards are beautiful and I agree it would make a beautiful gift.

    1. Bligning is better tan blogging yet not English. I mean making the cards with shine:-)

  3. A good idea video Christina - getting used to foiling - slowly but surely! You will certainly enjoy your card Mary Ellen - pleased for you x

  4. Congratulations Mary-Ellen. Lovely cards Christina and brilliant video tutorial. Thank you.

  5. Hi Christina,
    First of all congratulations on your success,your new collection is beautiful.You should be very proud of your work. For sure you'll surprise us with more die & stamps sets in the future.Good luck.I watched your video,enjoyed it as always. Thank you for the gift idea.You are right,handmade cards will be very appreciated by the receiver.
    And ... Congratulations Mary Ellen!

  6. Congratulations Mary Ellen enjoy
    Nancyd xx

  7. Congratulations Mary Ellen. I love your new collection but missed the initial release of the complete collection. I just tried to pre-order but the discount code wouldn't go through. Is it still available?
    Thank you Christina.

    1. The discount code was only available for five days and so you have missed the initial launch but if you are a new customer to Craft Stash then you will get 20% discount with your first order Cxx

    2. Thank you Christina. I've ordered before from Craft Stash, unfortunately? They're great to do business with. Guess I'm outta luck with discounts.

  8. Hello Christian,
    Sorry I'm late, this is stunning and congratulations to Mary Ellen.

  9. Hi Christina
    First of all congratulations to Mary Ellen. The video gives us some more ideas for using your new collection. I've just bought some foils etc so will definitely be having a go at these ideas - thank you
    Best wishes
    Jenny C xxx


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