October 12, 2017

Water colouring with Louise ...

Hi Everybody,

A very late post from me today but I have been really busy. I thought I would share with you this water colouring session I had with Louise from Craft Stash who came over to my house a couple of weeks ago.

We had some great fun doing this and this is the film that was made of the session.
 I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
And the little hint at the end of the video of something soon will be here shortly ... watch this space

More form me tomorrow ...

Hugs x


  1. thank you that was such a nice happy chatty video. I really enjoyed watching you both work on your flowers. Now off to check out my stamps and am going to make my own. Have never added a water coloured pic to my cards before so am very happy to give it a go. take care Lyn xxx

  2. Really pretty flowers - good lesson! xx

  3. I really enjoyed the video. The flowers are beautiful.

  4. Thank you for this video. Very informative and inspiring. Beautiful flowers. xx

  5. Wonderful tutorial. Because your guest was not as used to watercolour as you are it made me feel better at keep on going with watercolour. They are fun to play with but I still struggle to get the results I would love to see. This tutorial was very helpful to me. Thank you and also to Louise from Craft Stash

  6. Great video thanks ladies. Xx

  7. Christina... I just sent a "test" comment to check if it would post right then or needed your approval first. I was glad to see it needed your approval, LOL! Please, of course, do not post that test one, and this one doesn't need posting either, as it's just to tell you to check something on your blog that I've noticed for awhile now.... a gray box shows up in every post, right under where your name is signed at the bottom of each one.

    Apparently you "imported" a photo from Photobucket at one time to go in that space. I had this same thing happen to me on my blog, because Photobucket has gone to charging a fee for this service. So they broke ALL the links that anyone had used to put photos in their blogs and replaced it with that gray info box.

    Just thought you might like to know, so you could remove/replace it. We hardly ever check to see what our own blogs look like to visitors. I had many of these boxes to fix, as I was not paying their fees. And I've started checking more often to see if something looks funny or out of place AND if all the links still work from sidebar items to other websites.

    Anyway... that was all for now. I'll have to come visit again when I have time to watch this video :)

  8. Hi Christina and Louise, Thank you for this video, I did it along with the video colouring my image, so helpful listening to you both talking about water colour, and both have turned out very nice, TFS, Cheers Anna.

  9. A lovely tutorial Christina, you deserve all your success for helping so many people learning to craft.
    Love and hugs.
    Anne Owens xx

  10. Love the video ladies thank you
    Love June Horrocks xxxxxxxxx


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