October 01, 2017

Ruby Update

Hello Everyone,

I have not been to visit you for a little while but I have been up to mischief as usual. 

I have had a bit of an ear infection but apparently its quite common with Spaniels and I have got rather long floppy ears !!

I like to go out in the car and walking with my mum and my best friend Dougal and we have a lovely time. 

This is me sat in the drivers seat ready to take us all out for the day.

"Where we going Mum ???"
 One of the things I like to do is dig holes and with this one I think I excelled myself !!

Only joking ... but I do fit in it really well 

But after all that playing and digging,  along with barking and chasing Dougal I am tired

And so it was time to curl up for forty winks before I have my chicken dinner Mmm Mmm !

More next time ...

Hugs xx


  1. So glad you enjoyed your day out and I am very impressed with that hole (even if you didn't do it all hahaha). I hope your ear infection goes away quickly :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I was just thinking about Ruby yesterday and wondering how she was getting on! So sorry about the ear infection - can be a bit of a problem for flop eared dogs. A warm wet face flannel gently applied daily works well ...

  3. Glad your feeling better seemed you had a fab trip with your mate take care
    Love June Horrocks xxxx

  4. Hello Ruby
    Lovely to hear from you again and to hear about all your antics. I love the picture of you down the hole. You are an adorable little scamp. 'Try' to be a good girl for your mum. Look forward to hearing from you again soon.
    Best wishes
    Jenny C & Barney xxx

  5. Hello Christina,
    Lovely to hear Ruby's tales again, but sorry she is bothered with her ears. This is a common affliction for Spaniels, as you know.
    Maureen x

  6. Good Morning Miss Ruby :) Let's see... You have a car; you got your driver's license; you love long walks on the beach with Mum and your friend Dougal; you've taken up mining; enjoy fine dining, vocalizing and excel in napping! You are quite an accomplished young lady. And, you are precious to boot! Sorry to hear about your ear problem. My littlest dachshund, Angel Baby, has issues with that on occasion, as well. As Mum says, it is quite common with long eared babies. I know it's uncomfortable for you and I hope you have a speedy recovery. Well, Little One, it's always so good to hear from you and see what you've been up to. Enjoy the rest of your day. Mine is just beginning. It's almost 7:00 a.m. here in Michigan. The heat kicked on just before I got out of bed. It's 39 F. Sorry I don't have a clue how to convert to celsius. Bottom line though ~ it's chilly. Big Hugs!

  7. Poor you Ruby with an ear infection-. I know it will have been painful but I'm sure your mum soon had you made better. You are still a scamp and still having lots of fun with Dougal. I hope you enjoyed your chicken dinner - that's my favourite meal as well xx

  8. Hi Ruby,
    I like hearing about all the things you have been up to.Sorry about your ears, hope they will be better soon.Tell Mom I love all her cards and videos.

  9. Miss Ruby you are such a darling. I love hearing from you. You make my heart happy. You might want to be careful with your mining though. You might end up in China.

  10. Hi Ruby, boy is that some amount of digging, bet you got told off for that. You look so good sitting in the driving seat of the car, and it's good to hear that you still love your walks with Dougall, Kate xx

  11. I just love Ruby's paws. No wonder she can dig so well.
    She has become a gorgeous dog. Love the story and specially the pictures.

  12. yay, we got our ruby fix for the week. I just love to hear of her adventures and see pics, too. thanks

  13. Hi Ruby,
    Glad to have news about you. You look good on those pictures, as always. Sorry to hear you had a year infection, but for sure your mum took care of it right the way,she loves you so much and she's so proud of you.Hope you are proud of her, too. She brings so much joy to many people with her beautiful cards and gifts.You both are special.
    Take care.

  14. Hi Ruby. Hope your ears are soon better. My name is Pepa .I am a Maltese/poodle and I get sore ears too. If you dig a big enough hole you might pop up in our garden here in Australia. Mum is from Lancashire so she says she can pop up in Blackpool which was one of her favourite places to go to.Whow!! Kiss me Quick..

  15. Hello Sweet Ruby! It's so nice to hear from you again but I'm sorry you have had an earache. I hope you are feeling better. It's no fun being sick. You are so beautiful and it appears you have a nice dose of spunk as part of your personality. I love fur babies with personality!

    It's very late here in Arizona so I'll say goodnight my friend. Take care...
    Your friend, Sandi


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