March 17, 2020

Great News !!

Hi Everybody,

I wanted to share with you some news about a new online group that is launching tomorrow. 

It's going to be a place for like minded people to share all their paper crafting ideas and inspiration with others. 

There will be groups for you to join that will cover your favourite paper crafting skill and you can add your own ideas to inspire others too.

There are also Forums for you to ask your questions, give and receive advice, share your knowledge and inspiration with others and best of all make new friends. 

It's called Craft World and it is FREE to join, and you will get regular emails to keep you up to date with all the news 

There will be special discounts for you to take advantage of and some fabulous competitions where you can win really good prizes.

Tomorrow I will be adding a video tutorial that will be exclusive to Craft World members only.
So if you want to join this free and exciting online group then all you need to do is click the link and sign up ... it's FREE 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Tomorrow is my 80th birthday.I have just joined Craft World. Hope it cheers me up. Due to THE virus all my celebrations are cancelled AGH!! Guess I'll stay 79 till next year LOL Stay Safe Christina and the rest of your followers xx

  2. Hi Christina
    Thanks for telling us about Craftworld - I'm already a member and it's a great forum place to go to for helpful tips and advice. I'm so glad that you are now involved and will definitely be watching your video tomorrow.
    Hugs and best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  3. Thank you for the link - we all need a little diversion right now.

  4. I have just become a member, another link to see your hard work and others. Diana Lawton xxx


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