March 19, 2012

Card Making Sketches

Many people sit and look at that piece of card for a long time  because they don't know where to start with cutting or folding it.... and maybe it is a favorite piece that you have stroked for a while.

Making a  sketch  from any idea that pops into your head can help you no end in your cardmaking.

You don't have to have drawing skills, just jot down the idea quickly while it is still fresh in your mind and then whenever you are stuck  you can look back through the sketches that you have drawn ... and inspire yourself.

Drawing out something like this can give you some idea of what the card will look like when you have finished.

Pick out the colours that you like and raid your "Stash" for any embellishments that you have saved up.

Try different colour schemes to see which you like the best.

Add matting and layering panels of different sizes, shapes, patterns , colours and textures to add interest to your card.

Try placing items in a "dry run" before you glue anything in place and that way you will be able to move things around if you don't like the look.

But that sketch can give you the grounding that can be the starting point for any of your creations.

Once you are happy with the look go ahead and glue it all together.
Then the next time you use the sketch ... ring the changes and play aound with it... mirror the drawing, turn it up side down, rotate it in one direction  ... and then the other way on your next card.

With your sketch and your imagination there will be no end to the possibilities you can play around with.

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Hugs Christina xx

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  1. This is what I have started doing. I keep a large A4 book with me (at home only)and I seem to be thinking about cards nearly all the time so I jot an idea down and then replicate it when I get into my craft room. xxxx


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