March 30, 2012

Word Books

Another easy to create book that can be for lots of occasions.  These are some that I have made for my family and friends over the years and they are all made from CD's from Funky Hand

This is one that has proved to be extemely popular and I have been asked to make this several times.

They are very easy to create and as long as the word you want is not too long then you will have no trouble with them at all.
The video instructions to make them can be found  Here  ... but you will also find full instructions on the CD's and the downloads.

A very pretty project to do and you can add all the embellishments that you have from your "Stash"

Hugs Christina xx


  1. I used to make these all the time and I have forgotten how lovely they can be. You have put so much detail into these, well done Christina they are fabulous.
    Hugs Elaine

  2. I've never made one of these, but (as always) you've inspired me. The amount of detail and thought you put into all your projects is amazing.

  3. This doesn't look easy at all to me, I have always wanted to make one... I will have to see your video and get a CD! Beautiful work, these are outstanding.
    I just got an order to do an 8"by*" album.. I could see these selling if I could learn to make them!


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