March 18, 2012

Die Cutting Machines

I always respond personally to any questions that I am asked ... but I thought it may be a good idea to also add those questions to the Blog and answer them here as well ... for anybody that may have the same query.

The question was

"What is the difference between the Cuttlebug/Big Shot  and the Grand Calibur?

All die cutting machines do basically the same thing and that is take cardstock and a die through rollers to cut the shape of the die into that card. They can also emboss the shape.

The Cuttlebug and the Big Shot are really good machines. I have the Big Shot and still use it. It is a sturdy work horse that will last me for many years.

But the main difference between these machines and the Grand Calibur is the cutting area.  That is the space in the machine that allows for the die and the cutting plate to roll through.

The Big Shot above has an area that will fit an A5 card (A4 card folded in half) or about 5 x 7"

Both these machines will take dies from other companies but you will need to read the manufacturers instructions on how to layer up the plates to accomodate those different dies.

The Grand Calibur on the other hand is designed with an area that will accomodate the larger A4 size plate ... which means you can load up the cutting plate with more dies to run throught the machine at any one time.

It also means that you can use the larger dies  from other companies that will produce bigger shapes. 

But if you are thinking of buying,  or are already using the smaller dies and you want to collect the large ones, then I would say ...  save for a little longer and get the Grand Calibur in the first place.

There are many die cutting machines on the market so shop around for the best deal you can find.

Each machine has it's own merits and you need to research carefully the machine you are interested in buying to make sure it does eaxcatly what you want it to do.

Hugs Christina  xx


  1. Great summary, Christina. I agree with your comments. I've had my Cuttlebug for some years now and just purchased the Grand Calibur. Its ability to do A4 and to cut the long borders makes it more useful on a daily basis. Still love my Cuttlebug for those little jobs but if I had to choose, it's Grand Calibur.

  2. I did just as you suggested -- researched and decided to save a little longer for the Grand Calibur. It was my first diecutting machine purchase, so I didn't want to have 2 when 1 would do so much more. Now I'm saving money for dies.


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