March 03, 2012

Craft Show Goodies

What a lovely day this has been ... but then whenever I go to a craft show it is always a lovely day. It rained quite heavily but nothing was going to spoil my day.

I tried ever so hard not to spend any money ...  but I couldn't resist some of the goodies on offer.  I was very good and didn't spend too much.

These are some of the things I bought and you will see right in the middle are some Spellbinders. Now those I can never resist as I love the effects I can get with them. 

Just to the right is a stamp from  Just Rite.  It is made for the Labels 20 shape and there are several sentiments on the sheet that will  then fit inside the stamped image.  I can't wait to have a play with that.

I bought some large pearls, diamante ribbon sliders, silver and gold Mirror card and some gorgeous pastel coloured feathers that you can see on the left of the photo.... and boy ! am I going to have some fun over the next few weeks with my "Stash"

Just a few feathers placed here and there can make your cards look really feminine.

The pale pink feather, and the pink ribbon,  are for a special Christening card that I have been asked to make and it is inspired by the one I have made for Isabellla.  The order was made because they liked that one so much.

But tonight it is going to be feet up, glass of red wine and some telly... so more tomorrow.

Hugs Christina xx


  1. hahahahaha, you call this not spending too much, you are sooo funny..the spellbinders alone! I am happy you enjoyed yourself in spite of the rain, great attitude!!!!!!!!!! Love your haul and can't wait to see what you will make from it!

  2. I had the same reaction as Naomi! The Spellbinders alone would have eaten up my budget, but whatcha gonna do when you hear things calling out to you???? The corset card is a hoot! Can't wait to see the new products in action.


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