January 11, 2013

I have a Gift ...

Hi Everybody,

Yesterday I received these lovely hand crocheted  flowers ... as a "Thank You"  to me ... from  Wendy the  Spanish Crafter   for the last Give Away.

Wendy was the lady who won the Enveloplus Board and she is over the moon with her win.

The card she sent to accompany the flowers is in the background.

I have layered up some of the flowers and added a Pearly Brad to the centres and they will grace the cards that I make in the next few weeks.

I will be sure to point them out to you when I have used them.

So Thank You Wendy  for the lovely gift ... it is much appreciated.

Now apparently when I thanked you ladies yesterday for your comments I missed out a MAN   .... so my apologies go to Mark and it won't happen again .... promise.

But if YOU are a fella then please leave a comment and make yourself known to us girls just as Mark has done ... and welcome to the Blog xx

And I have to say Girls that the "Film Crew" is NOT up for grabs.   I won't be adding him to a Give Away now or in the future .... but he will be coming up with some "Goodies" for us and I promise to tell you about them.

Hugs xx

January 10, 2013

You Are Amazing ...

Hi Everybody,

How I love you ladies ... you are  ALL  amazing and I  thank you all for your interest in the Blending Tools and that you would like to win them.

I get the message loud and clear that you would like the tools but no more comments please.
 And please stop with the compliments to my "Film Crew"  

His head is getting so big from all the praise he won't be able to get through the door.  He has had so much fun reading all the comments though.

Some of you have suggested that we go into selling them ..... now there's an idea for the coming months....   and Griff is now pricing up materials to go in to full scale production.

But that produces another question ....... What would you consider a fair prices for a pack of  5 Blending Tools ???   Bearing in mind the cost of one of them in your country... and of course P&P

Another thing Griff  has done is produce some very pretty stands for the mannequins and this is what they are like ....

I am in the process of sourcing  just the actual body forms  and the stands are what you would need to display them.

These are square and beveled along the edge to make them more interesting, and the doweling rod  is a good size too.

So this will be another give away in the next couple of months.

It will have everything you need to make the hat and the Dress Form ... including the peg for the hat.

It will need to be assembled by you and then you can decorate it however you wish.

And of course the videos on the Hats and the Dress Forms will show you how to do that.

I have done a lovely pink one just to give you an idea of how it will look when decorated.  The photograph is looking down onto the Form.

You can see the stand and they are in proportion to the size of the Dress Form.  

This one has been stained and varnished.

I have come up with a different style for the Hat too and you won't need the Polystyrene balls either.

This one is covered in felt with Maribou Feather  trim  and it looks gorgeous in real life.

The flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts   Any "Bling" is from Want2Scrap
Here you can see the two different styles.

The one on the right is domed and the other is shaped similar to a top hat ... but not as high.

Over the weekend this will be a video on how to make this one.

So I am planning some exciting 

 "Give Aways" 
over the next few months and I hope you will come and participate as they come up.

Hugs xx

January 09, 2013

I need your feedback please ....

My "Film Crew" has been very busy woodworking in the garage , and I told you that he has some surprises up his sleeve.

And  I think I have told you that he is a builder ... well he is soon to be a retired builder and ... rather than let him stagnate in a chair ... he is going to be doing projects for the website and this blog.

His talent is woodwork  and one of the things he did for me years ago was make me some Blending tools.

I like to use Distress Inks on my cards and to buy one of these blenders in my local craft shop was £4.99.

These are a very useful item for your crafting stash and the pads on the bottom are removable so that they can be cleaned or replaced.

Now I use a different blender for each ink and that would have cost me a fortune.

So I thought that for the next "Give Away"   I would put five together in a pack and send them out.

But what I need to know is ..... would you be interested in winning them ... or am I wasting my time???

Hugs xx

January 07, 2013

The Giveaway....

This is important regarding the Give Away

The draw for the Grand Decorative Ovals grows every time I look at it ... and now stands at 225 

I  very  stupidly   have made it run until the end of the month instead of for one WEEK 

Apologies for my mistake ... but I honestly did not think it would get the response that it has.
I will know better next time and not make it as long.

Anyway I was wondering  if you would like me to end it sooner and get it sent out ...  and then maybe add another one in the middle of January instead.

I will leave this question open until the end of this week (Saturday) and if you are happy with that suggestion     you don't need to do anything.... and no news is good news as they say, and if your name is already on the list then your chance  to win is safe.

But if you are really opposed to this then you have up till Saturday to let me know.
 Other wise  a winner will be picked on Sunday 13th January 

 Hugs xx

Fierce Dragon

Hi Everybody,

Many,  many years ago I used to go to a pottery class and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 
It was a way to meet people and we made some lovely stuff.
Once it had been fired we could then paint our item  to our own taste,  and once dry we could take them home.

This was piece I made back then and this was long before I learned the finer points of colouring.

But I loved this Dragon and he sat on my shelf for many a long year.

Then he became outdated and sadly he was  relegated to the loft and he was ensconced in a cardboard box for many more years

And then .... Griff made the loft in to my craft room, and he was found ...among years of hoarded stuff ... still wrapped in paper ... in his box.

He was carefully removed and washed and buffed up to his finest again.

I find that I still love him even is he is dated and a little chipped in places.

So now once again despite having a broken tail,   he is allowed to sit on the shelf in my craft room ... and look as fierce as ever.

Thank you ... for all your concern over Griff falling off his bike
 ( even if you did laugh, and I bet you did...)

 But he really is OK... not even a bruise to show for it.

In fact today he has been out on his bike again complete with helmet and gloves.

As he pedaled up the street two teenage lads shouted after him 
"Whip it up Grandad... it'll go faster...."

And once again I fell about laughing.  Bless him ...

If you are looking for the Giveaway here it is for you to  add your name to the list for the

Hugs xx

January 06, 2013

Picture this ...

My "Film Crew" ... in his retirement ... has decided that he is going to keep fit,  and so he has taken to riding his bike again.

He dons his helmet and his fingerless  "Go Faster" gloves and cycles his way around the streets.

Now we have a lane that runs behind the house that has security gates at each end and they have to be opened and closed each time.

Am I setting the scene for you with this story ???

Well Griff ... without getting off his bike ...  opened it and wheeled his way through .... then still on his bike he tried to pull it closed  behind him as he went.

But his back wheel got caught in the gate spokes and ... as he tried to pedal away  ...... He Fell Off !!

He didn't even have time to put his foot back down to save himself and so the bike just went sideways.... and so did he.

At that moment in time a lady with her children and dog walked past.

And the dog decided to cock it's leg up on the lamppost ... and so they all  had a good view.  

He hurriedly picked himself up and started fiddling with the bike.   "Chains ...." he muttered as he smiled sweetly at her.

 The kids laughed and when he told me so did I

I  had vision of the woman saying to her husband ... "I've just seen a  poor owd man fall off his bike..."

 He's not hurt I hasten to add  ... just his ego is a little dented.

The link for the   Grand Decorative Cicle    is stiil open till the end of the month

Hugs xx

January 05, 2013

I am so excited......

Hi Everybody,

As you know I have been busy adding colouring tutorials with the Spectrum Noir Pen system

The videos  have been  featured,  all of them,  on the Spectrum Noir Blog.

The link is to the latest addition to the series,  but the most exciting news was that it prompted this email.

I received  this last evening  from Jennie Black who is the director of education for Spectrum Noir and this is what she wrote .....


I am totally thrilled with the video that is on the website today.  I would like to have you part of our teacher accreditation program, and approve you as Spectrum Noir Accredited Instructor,  as well as your Accredited Colorist Status. 

You have shown outstanding teaching skills, and we would be proud for you to hold this title.

In addition, I would be honored if you would allow me to show your video at our upcoming instructor meeting that we are holding next week.

I am thrilled with your work and so happy you are willing to share it with the world.

Jennie Black

Director of Education,  Spectrum Noir

Isn't that just the best compliment any body could get and I am absolutely thrilled.  I read it out to  Griff last night with laughter and tears at the same time.  I can't believe it ....I just wish I could be at their meeting but alas it is in America.   But what a buzz it gave me last night I can't tell you how I feel.

Now onto other things... if you are wanting to enter the draw for the Spellbinders then you have to go here ....Grand Decorative Circles   and add your name to the list .... but only once please as duplicates will be removed to keep it fair to everybody.
I believe that there have been some problems with adding your links .... well I have been onto InLinkz and they have told me how to sort it ...... so it's sorted.... I hope.

Please let me know if there are any further problems.... email me christina@card-making-magic.com ... and you don't need to have a Blog either, just leave the URL box blank

Another thing is that people think they can't enter if they live in Germany or America.  Please add your names ... you have as much chance as anybody else and I will be delighted to send you the dies wherever you live.

Coming Soon ...

My "Film Crew" is busy at the moment in the garage creating a wonderful surprise for all of you and it is something that I will be giving away to one lucky winner... and I know you will all want one when I do.  

Hugs xx

Don't forget to add our name to the Linky to win the   Grand Decorative Circles

January 04, 2013

Another "Freebie" for you...

Hi  Everybody,

This is the continuing saga of the wrong Spellbinders from Scrap-Mart.

They have given me an apology and offered me a voucher to spend in their shop.... and told me to keep the dies.

So because I now have two sets of the same dies I am offering you the chance this month to win the extra set.

The Grand Decorative Ovals   produce  quite a large oval ... which can be used to create the whole card shape or used to add matting and layering effects to your designs.

It is a set well worth having and the offer will run throughout January ... so if you would like to be the winner then add your name to the box.  The same rule applies as the last give away and that is no duplicate entries please.

If you add your name more than once it will be removed to keep it fair to everybody.  And if you are new to the Blog and wanted to become a follower then that would be very nice too.

Leave me a comment and let me know that you have entered or what you think of the blog itself.

If you don't have a blog it is not a problem  ... just leave the URL BOX BLANK  ... but please leave your name.

Good Luck 


January 03, 2013

Another way to use ...

Hi Everybody...

I told you the story about the late Spellbinders I have only just got ...  and of course it is far too late to use the Holiday Tree on my Christmas cards.

Not to be outdone I have used it anyway.

I am always encouraging you to think outside the use for which a die is intended and this one is no different.

So I have cut it out .....
... and the turned it on it's side and added it to the corner of the card.

I then trimmed the edges to fit and glued it in place.

Click the photos .... it makes them bigger

I have added in a double layer of Gingham and some Organza ribbon and a  Gingham bow.

The tiny red rose in the centre is from
Wild Orchid Crafts.

My topper is a stamp from Crafters Companion
coloured with Spectrum Noir Pens.

Not bad eh ???

Hugs xx

January 02, 2013

Colouring with Green

Hi Everybody ...

Yesterday saw my "Film Crew" up his ladder filming the latest video in the Colour Class Series.

This fabulous Dragon is from the Just Inklined CD  "The Next Big Thing"

There are some really good images on the CD but if you click the link it will take you to their website where you can buy the  images individually.

For this tutorial I have used the six pen set and the Colour Class Greens will show you how I coloured him in.

The links to the others in the series are in the right hand column on the website,  and each will open a new window for you to view.

Once he is coloured you can decorate the card any way you wish.

The background on both cards is finished with Clouds ... and the short video will show you how to get the look for yourself.

I have added in  colour coordinated flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts

The sentiment is from Lili of the Valley

The branches are using the Spellbinders Cherry Blossom set.

And my beautiful "Bling" is from Want2Scrap

Hugs xx

January 01, 2013

Happy New Year ....

Welcome to 2013...
Hi Everybody
Here we are with the start of a brand new year and I hope that you all get what you want from life.  I wish you all happiness and health,  as they are the two most important things you can have.
I am starting the New Year with Thanks to all you lovely people who come onto my Blog pages and leave me comments on a regular basis. 
Do you know that the Blog will be ONE Year old in February? 

A big Thank You also to  the visitors to my website ... that means so much to me as the website is the thing that helped me to give up going out to work.
Card Making Magic
 has been my baby now for almost four years and it just gets better and better.
It is all thanks to YOU ... you are what make it all worthwhile and I love it when you tell me that you are enjoying what I try to do.  There are many more things to come in this New Year .... in fact today my "Film Crew" and I are going to be doing another in the Spectrum Noir Colour Class Series.
This one will be with Greens so get your pens at the ready for the next tutorial.... and if you have the CD from Just Inklined "The Next Big Thing"  I will be using one of the digital Dragon Images for my project.
I am so glad that you liked the Dress forms and the Hats.  I love them and so do all the girls in my family ... they all want one!!  And a little note on the Dress Forms.... the SHAKER PEGS that I have used in the top of the form to hold the hat are from B&Q and you will find them in the Builders Department for building a staircase. There are 10 in a box for about £6 ... hope that helps you to find them.
Thanks also for ALL the support I have had ... both here on the Blog, and in emails, and on Facebook with regards my Rant yesterday. It would seem that many of you also have complaints about other big companies.
It has been suggested that I go direct to PayPal as that was my method of paying.   I did do that but because the order and payment were older than 45 days they could not help. So how does that leave many folks who have bought stuff online with a Pre-order.

How do you get your money back if you can't get your goods and PayPal can't help. It seems very unfair to me, and  people cannot afford to loose money in that way.
PayPal did suggest though that I took my complaint direct to my own bank and see if they could help.
But at the moment I will wait and see if they send me the correct Spellbinder.  Because I have now had all the dies .... ordered last July ... even though the last part of the delivery was wrong.
I will keep you posted.  I am always happy to tell you of companies I find that are good to deal with. But by the same token I will also tell you of those that are not.
Happy Crafting ...
Hugs xx

December 31, 2012

Rant No: 2

Hi Everybody,

Some time ago I had a rant on these pages over a credit card and you all sent me lots of sympathy.  Well ...  this is rant No. 2 and it starts in July 2012.   

Let me start at the beginning. 

In July I spent a lot of money,  paid by PayPal,  and ordered Spellbinders from an American company called

Because  they were  Pre-Orders I knew  I would have to wait a  few weeks for  them... and I was happy to do that.

I waited and waited and nothing arrived ...  I started to send them emails about where my order was.... and to cut a very long story short ... after a lot of emails from me trying to prove my order, and replies from them with a lot of excuses  ... I started to get the dies in dribs and drabs.

But by the end on November I was still several Spellbinders missing from my order.   Just to recap I ordered them in July....  but by October they were ignoring my emails ... and I was getting very very mad.

I wrote again stating my disappointment in their company  and asking them not to ignore my email, and of course where are my Spellbinders.  I stated repeatably which of the dies are missing from the order, and which of the dies they had already sent to me.

Well this morning I got a parcel from Scrap-Mart ..... and would you believe it with one set of dies completely  the wrong one.

I ordered and paid,  for among many others, the Holiday Tree to make some Christmas cards with for this year,  and the Grand Decorative Circles. 

I have the Holiday Tree ... far too late for this years cards ...  and instead of the Circles they have sent me the Ovals  ... which I already have ... from them as part of the original order.

I am so very disappointed that a company of this size, that I have dealt with many times in the past, can let me down  and treat their customers so badly in the service metered out that I would say to you do not buy your Spellbinders from Scrap-Mart if you live in the UK.

I have again today emailed them my annoyance and I will keep you posted as to the result.

Here endeth the Rant ....

Hugs xx

December 30, 2012

Beautiful Miniature Hats

Hi Everybody,
Yesterday I added the Video Tutorial to create the dress forms and today I am adding another to create the  Dress Form Hat 

This easy to make hat will compliment the mannequines and make them a far prettier gift for your friends and family.

To get the circles I have used Spellbinders but you can make them with any method that you have to hand.

The Dress Froms with the stand are from IndigoBlu

The instructions are all in the video and it is not a long one ... but I am sure that you will really love the end product.

This pink one is my favorite and I have added it to the mannequin that I am keeping for my self.

But I have been inundated with requests for these ...  I could start a business just making them to sell.

Any way I hope you will enjoy making them for yourself and please add your photos to the
Card Making Magic
Gallery Page

That way you will create your own web page on my website that you can send your friends and family to visit

And the more you add the more pages you will create.

Share all your  beautiful creations with the world.
Hugs xx


December 29, 2012

Those Dress Forms ...

Hi Everybody ...

I have been inundated with email requests about the Dress Forms as they are such an on trend project at the moment... and people want to know how I did them.

And so I have got my "Film Crew" busy ... after his long Christmas break ... to do a short video tutorial on how I created this look.

The dress form itself and the stamp that I used are from IndigoBlu  and the only thing I have added in is a Shaker peg to carry the hat.... and  I bought those,  in a set of ten,  from B&Q

IndigoBlu are a UK company so you will need to check if they deliver to your part of the world.  But do check out their other products as they have a really good selection of items for you to choose from.

The picture is not very large but the video ... Decorating Dress Forms ... will show this particular one being made.

In the next video ...  planned for this week ...  I will show you how to make the  hat that fits the mannequin.

The ribbon is from my "Stash"   The Spellbinder is Les Papillion for the butterflies and the "Blng" as always is from Want2Scrap

And in  answer to the questions about yesterdays post with Henry the vacuum cleaner .... Yes he does work ... he is battery operated, very small and can be used to clean out your PC's keyboard.

He is from   Amazon  ....  click the link to go to the page and he is a DESKTOP Cleaner.

But choose carefully as all the prices are different and he was NOT expensive ... just over  a  tenner  Griff says.

Hugs xx

December 28, 2012

My Christmas Present...

Hi Everybody ...

I Hope you all had a good Christmas and that  Santa  brought you what you wanted....

I wanted to show you what my "Film Crew" added to my selection of goodies.

This is Henry the vacuum cleaner ... and with the big smile on his face is very cheerful.

Now you may be thinking that it is not a very romantic gift to buy for someone especially when they didn't ask for it ....

But this one give us all such a good laugh.

And just to put it all into context for you this is what it looks like in relation to everything else ....

Here he is sat on my worktop and he is ready now to pick up all the glitter and small stuff that is left behind.

The stuff that after a crafting session normally gets swept onto the floor for the big vacuum cleaner to pick up.   (Dirty girl)

Well now I can be super efficient and clean it up as I go along  and so no more excuses for having a messy worktop.

I did get some really good presents though and not just the Henry ... but he will come in useful.

Hugs xx