January 07, 2013

Fierce Dragon

Hi Everybody,

Many,  many years ago I used to go to a pottery class and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 
It was a way to meet people and we made some lovely stuff.
Once it had been fired we could then paint our item  to our own taste,  and once dry we could take them home.

This was piece I made back then and this was long before I learned the finer points of colouring.

But I loved this Dragon and he sat on my shelf for many a long year.

Then he became outdated and sadly he was  relegated to the loft and he was ensconced in a cardboard box for many more years

And then .... Griff made the loft in to my craft room, and he was found ...among years of hoarded stuff ... still wrapped in paper ... in his box.

He was carefully removed and washed and buffed up to his finest again.

I find that I still love him even is he is dated and a little chipped in places.

So now once again despite having a broken tail,   he is allowed to sit on the shelf in my craft room ... and look as fierce as ever.

Thank you ... for all your concern over Griff falling off his bike
 ( even if you did laugh, and I bet you did...)

 But he really is OK... not even a bruise to show for it.

In fact today he has been out on his bike again complete with helmet and gloves.

As he pedaled up the street two teenage lads shouted after him 
"Whip it up Grandad... it'll go faster...."

And once again I fell about laughing.  Bless him ...

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Hugs xx


  1. I can understand your sentimentality towards your dragon. xxxxxx

  2. I think it's great when I come across something I haven't seen for years - and the things always look better to me than they did when I packed them away! Pat x

  3. I can understand your sentimentality about your dragon too Christina and I'm glad your hubby wasn't put off by his experience the other dsy and has got back on his bike!

  4. I just read out loud to Troy about the lads giving Griff advice, hahahaha...to funny! Your fierce dragon is a master piece and I am sure the chips and no tail just adds character... it is spectacular Christina, you did such an amazing job painting him!!!! I would love to see you get back into painting but I already know with everything you have going on that my wanting will have to wait. I am still on a high about your new title!!!


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