January 05, 2013

I am so excited......

Hi Everybody,

As you know I have been busy adding colouring tutorials with the Spectrum Noir Pen system

The videos  have been  featured,  all of them,  on the Spectrum Noir Blog.

The link is to the latest addition to the series,  but the most exciting news was that it prompted this email.

I received  this last evening  from Jennie Black who is the director of education for Spectrum Noir and this is what she wrote .....


I am totally thrilled with the video that is on the website today.  I would like to have you part of our teacher accreditation program, and approve you as Spectrum Noir Accredited Instructor,  as well as your Accredited Colorist Status. 

You have shown outstanding teaching skills, and we would be proud for you to hold this title.

In addition, I would be honored if you would allow me to show your video at our upcoming instructor meeting that we are holding next week.

I am thrilled with your work and so happy you are willing to share it with the world.

Jennie Black

Director of Education,  Spectrum Noir

Isn't that just the best compliment any body could get and I am absolutely thrilled.  I read it out to  Griff last night with laughter and tears at the same time.  I can't believe it ....I just wish I could be at their meeting but alas it is in America.   But what a buzz it gave me last night I can't tell you how I feel.

Now onto other things... if you are wanting to enter the draw for the Spellbinders then you have to go here ....Grand Decorative Circles   and add your name to the list .... but only once please as duplicates will be removed to keep it fair to everybody.
I believe that there have been some problems with adding your links .... well I have been onto InLinkz and they have told me how to sort it ...... so it's sorted.... I hope.

Please let me know if there are any further problems.... email me christina@card-making-magic.com ... and you don't need to have a Blog either, just leave the URL box blank

Another thing is that people think they can't enter if they live in Germany or America.  Please add your names ... you have as much chance as anybody else and I will be delighted to send you the dies wherever you live.

Coming Soon ...

My "Film Crew" is busy at the moment in the garage creating a wonderful surprise for all of you and it is something that I will be giving away to one lucky winner... and I know you will all want one when I do.  

Hugs xx

Don't forget to add our name to the Linky to win the   Grand Decorative Circles


  1. Congratulations Christina - you so deserve this accolade. Your tutorials are fabulous and so appreciated. Have a wonderful and fabulous weekend and what an amazing start to 2013 for you:-) Hugs, Karon.

  2. Congratulations Christina!! You so truly deserve this honour. I bet you broke open the champers last night!!! What a wonderful start to the New Year for you!! love and hugs from Christine x

  3. Many well deserved Congratulations Christina.
    Everything they say is true. Your videos are a brilliant teaching aid as I can testify to being a complete beginner myself. I can understand how elated you were as I was the same after following the first of your colour classes Not in the same leaugue as your achievement but chuffed at what I had done just the same!(and showing it off to a vacant faced hubby!!! LOL)
    May this be the start of even greater things for you. xXx

  4. wow! congratulations! you deserve it! you are fabulous! hugs Amanda

  5. Many congratulations Christine - very well deserved

  6. How exciting for you, and so, so deserved! Your video's are a such a joy to watch & learn from!

    Mandy :)

  7. Christina, I'm so very delighted for you !!!
    Although I haven't been able to enter anything to cardmaking magic anymore I am still avidly following your blog and video's .
    I also entered my name on the list for the spellbinders ovals . Who ever gets it ,I wish them happy crafting !

  8. just found your email message, It couldnt have happened to a nicer lady, I'm afraid I just dont bother to look at any other videos now, yours have all. CONGRATULATIONS XXXXXX

  9. Oh Christina I understand the tears and laughter , I got emotional reading it, how amazing!!! I am beyond excited for you, you have been so consistant and have taken so much of your time to let the world share your experience and we all have benefited so much, YOU DESERVE THIS AND MORE!!!! I am estactic!!!! Congrats!!!!

  10. Congratulations on your accreditation! Well deserved :)

  11. Wow! what a fabulous start to 2013 for you - and so well deserved. Congratulationns Christina and hugs too. Pat x

  12. Congratulations -- a well deserved honor! It is such a joy and blessing to see someone who deserves recognition to get it, and I think you will make a super instructor (as you already are). Well done!!

  13. That is so exciting. I have learned a lot from you. Your tutorials are excellent. Congratulations.

  14. CONGRATULATIONS, Christina!! How exciting!! And so deserved...your work is beyond fabulous!! I'm so happy for you :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  15. Dear Christina, when someone deserve this than YOU! Congratulations! Its was so emotional to read this and I´m with you! Hughs Sabine

  16. Congrats Christina so glad to see your talents are being recognised by the fundis lol.
    hugs adie

  17. Hi Christina! That is a very nice compliment! This does not surprise me any! You deserve to be notice!

    Oh, one thing, I tried to link up on the list of people and I don't see my name on the list for the draw of the ovals.
    Thanks and continue what you do. One of these days, you'll be a Movie Star! :)

  18. Congratulations Christina! It is a great honour and a well deserved one. I have learnt so much from your videos and they continue to inspire me. I am so thrilled for you. What a grand start to 2013!


  19. Lots of deserved congratulation for you, Christina! I agree that your videos are the best, and I'm always touched when someone is willing to share their talent with the rest of the world for free! Enjoy this special moment, hope the rest of the year will be just as exciting for you! Hugs, Vittoria

  20. Congratulations Christina so well deserved your colouring and instructions are amazing xx


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