December 31, 2012

Rant No: 2

Hi Everybody,

Some time ago I had a rant on these pages over a credit card and you all sent me lots of sympathy.  Well ...  this is rant No. 2 and it starts in July 2012.   

Let me start at the beginning. 

In July I spent a lot of money,  paid by PayPal,  and ordered Spellbinders from an American company called

Because  they were  Pre-Orders I knew  I would have to wait a  few weeks for  them... and I was happy to do that.

I waited and waited and nothing arrived ...  I started to send them emails about where my order was.... and to cut a very long story short ... after a lot of emails from me trying to prove my order, and replies from them with a lot of excuses  ... I started to get the dies in dribs and drabs.

But by the end on November I was still several Spellbinders missing from my order.   Just to recap I ordered them in July....  but by October they were ignoring my emails ... and I was getting very very mad.

I wrote again stating my disappointment in their company  and asking them not to ignore my email, and of course where are my Spellbinders.  I stated repeatably which of the dies are missing from the order, and which of the dies they had already sent to me.

Well this morning I got a parcel from Scrap-Mart ..... and would you believe it with one set of dies completely  the wrong one.

I ordered and paid,  for among many others, the Holiday Tree to make some Christmas cards with for this year,  and the Grand Decorative Circles. 

I have the Holiday Tree ... far too late for this years cards ...  and instead of the Circles they have sent me the Ovals  ... which I already have ... from them as part of the original order.

I am so very disappointed that a company of this size, that I have dealt with many times in the past, can let me down  and treat their customers so badly in the service metered out that I would say to you do not buy your Spellbinders from Scrap-Mart if you live in the UK.

I have again today emailed them my annoyance and I will keep you posted as to the result.

Here endeth the Rant ....

Hugs xx


  1. Good that you got all that out of your system!!!

  2. That is disgusting . Hopefully you warning your followers will deter people from buying from that company and have some very harmful consequences.

  3. That's disgusting. Lets hope with your comments about this company will stop lots of people from buying from them. Most of all I hope it gets back to the company and realize what it can do to their company.

  4. Its always good to have a rant and its good to worn us too. It's difficult too to deal with overseas and I always worry these days that I am not going to get my purchases, so I am always relieved when they arrive.

    Have a fabulous New Year Christina:-)


  5. A well deserved rant if I may say so. Thanks for the posting the name of the company I try not to buy from overseas in case this very thing happens That's not to say it can't happen here but you feel better able to deal with it when it's in your own country.
    Have a good New Year when it comes x

  6. Don't you just hate that! I thought the 2 different companies I had problems with (over a month) were bad! Surprisingly one was Want2Scrap, but Michele was so nice about fixing the problem. I will continue to shop with them. The other was Making Memories (Cindy). This company I will NEVER do business with again, because it has happened 3 times now, with me having to e-mail about 3 times each to get info on my order, just to be told that it was waiting to be delivered. (Not even in Stock!!!) I should have been informed about this when I placed my order. OH MY! NOW I HAVE SHARED MY RANT WITH YOU! :) Just to say I understand your frustration! Hugs Lori Reinholz

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I feel so badly for you that your order turned into such a nightmare!!! You are such a sweet person, so I can only imagine how upset you must be to post this. I hope you have a happy New Year, and that you can get this mess resolved. xoxo...Barb G.

  8. Do you suppose the actual Spellbinders company would be able to help? After all, I'm sure they don't want places like this handling their merchandise. Maybe it wouldn't be useful for us Joe Blow customers but for someone like you, who no doubt boosts sales of Spellbinders with your videos, maybe they would step in.
    I don't know if it would work or not, it was just a thought.
    Happy New Year Christina! I look forward to all that you will do in're such an inspiration to me!
    Marianne in Canada

  9. Happy New Year!!
    Hope they send you the right stuff soon and maybe some extras in compensation!!!

  10. The same thing happen to me...I will never pre-order again....I will wait until its I'm kinda glad to hear I wasn't the only one that this has happen too...sorry about all the problems you had...but it's a lesson to learn for the both of us....I order my thru Oh My Crafts....I'm thinking it was a delay in shipping from spellbinders....they really got it wrong....

  11. That's terrible. What a horrible way to do business. I am still waiting on two Spellbinders orders I placed with a company in November...I ordered one of the Christmas dies, too, thinking I would have it in plenty of time for the holidays. I had to send three emails before I got a response of "sorry, delay from the vendor". No mention of when the the items would be shipped. If I have to wait as long as you did, I will be beyond furious!! I hope you are able to get it all straightened out. Happy New Year :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  12. What a hassle! Poor you! I'm always very careful with payment in advance, but paypal is actually safe. But thanks for the warning. Unfortunately there are always black sheep, you say it that way in the UK? For 2013 all the best!

  13. What a hassle! Poor you! I'm always very careful with payment in advance, but paypal is actually safe. But thanks for the warning. Unfortunately there are always black sheep, you say it that way in the UK? For 2013 all the best!

  14. Oh Christina, what a palaver for you, thank you for the warning I think it's a disgrace whatever happened to customer service??? Anyway Happy New Year to you, let's hope it's a good one x x x

  15. So sorry about your spellbinders "mishap". Nothing is more frustrating than a screwed-up order that you have do deal with by e-mail. You're rather at their mercy, aren't you. Hope you get things straightened out and finally end up with the right products. Have a Happy New Year.

  16. What an awful experience. I have purchased several times from Scrap-mart and never had any trouble paying with paypal, but my purchases were not pre-orders and I live in the US. I find that if I pre-order anything from anyone, I elect to use a charge card because usually the card is not charged until the item ships. Hope your next internet purchase is a more positive one.

  17. If it happens again you can raise a dispute with Paypal or with your credit card company if you paid by that method. Glad you got it sorted.


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