January 07, 2013

The Giveaway....

This is important regarding the Give Away

The draw for the Grand Decorative Ovals grows every time I look at it ... and now stands at 225 

I  very  stupidly   have made it run until the end of the month instead of for one WEEK 

Apologies for my mistake ... but I honestly did not think it would get the response that it has.
I will know better next time and not make it as long.

Anyway I was wondering  if you would like me to end it sooner and get it sent out ...  and then maybe add another one in the middle of January instead.

I will leave this question open until the end of this week (Saturday) and if you are happy with that suggestion     you don't need to do anything.... and no news is good news as they say, and if your name is already on the list then your chance  to win is safe.

But if you are really opposed to this then you have up till Saturday to let me know.
 Other wise  a winner will be picked on Sunday 13th January 

 Hugs xx


  1. Christina, you are so very generous that I don't think anybody can complain whatever decision you come to. Thank you again! Christine x

  2. I agree with you to finish it now and start another one later on...xx

  3. Ending it sooner is OK by me Christina

  4. Difficult decision but I think if you leave until the end of the month you will have nearly 1000 entries and there can still only be one anyway. xxxxx

  5. I think it's a great idea to end it sooner. You are so generous to offer another giveaway later on, so that is up to you.

    Thank you for considering everyone's feelings about this...you're very sweet! Whatever you decide is fine.

  6. I agree to finish it sooner , as I think Wendy L is right . But whatever you decide , thank you for the occasion you give us !

  7. Ending it sooner is also OK with me.
    Thanks again for the chance to win.

  8. I just posted in my blog today that we all like things coming earlier than thought! I gave away the cutest un-frog-ettable frog today, grab it!!!

  9. OK with me, whatever you decide!

  10. I think whatever you decide is fine but surely one of the rules was to leave a comment and not everybody did that so that may decide the number of valid entries - it's just a thought. It's a very generous giveaway so you do whatever you feel is best.

  11. All I have to say is you must spend loads of time and effort for us so thank you and thank you again

  12. This is a wonderful giveaway no matter what date you draw it on.
    Thank you for all the wonderful work you do.
    I for one have made loads from browsing on your Website.



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