January 06, 2013

Picture this ...

My "Film Crew" ... in his retirement ... has decided that he is going to keep fit,  and so he has taken to riding his bike again.

He dons his helmet and his fingerless  "Go Faster" gloves and cycles his way around the streets.

Now we have a lane that runs behind the house that has security gates at each end and they have to be opened and closed each time.

Am I setting the scene for you with this story ???

Well Griff ... without getting off his bike ...  opened it and wheeled his way through .... then still on his bike he tried to pull it closed  behind him as he went.

But his back wheel got caught in the gate spokes and ... as he tried to pedal away  ...... He Fell Off !!

He didn't even have time to put his foot back down to save himself and so the bike just went sideways.... and so did he.

At that moment in time a lady with her children and dog walked past.

And the dog decided to cock it's leg up on the lamppost ... and so they all  had a good view.  

He hurriedly picked himself up and started fiddling with the bike.   "Chains ...." he muttered as he smiled sweetly at her.

 The kids laughed and when he told me so did I

I  had vision of the woman saying to her husband ... "I've just seen a  poor owd man fall off his bike..."

 He's not hurt I hasten to add  ... just his ego is a little dented.

The link for the   Grand Decorative Cicle    is stiil open till the end of the month

Hugs xx


  1. So glad he was not injured! And hope he won't give up on the riding all together. Have a lovely week!
    Melinda Smith USA

  2. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!! I don't know what is funnier! That he fell off his bike or the way you told it... Michael is just glaring at me not knowing what to think... Tell Griff I said Happy retirement and stay alive. Did any of the excitment wear off about your well deserved title yet Christina!!!!???

  3. Poor Griff I must admit I did have a little chuckle as I pictured the scene in my head xx

  4. I'm glad he wasn't hurt!! Happy Sunday :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. So glad he didn't get hurt....I guess he didn't ride to long either...LOL....tfs

  6. Oh Christina... I know I shouldn't but what a giggle! LOL You tell a story so well that I could imagine myself there.
    I too retired earlier this year with the intention of getting back to my walking which I used to love. I thought I would start off with just little walks and build up to longer daily ones but every time I went out some mishap happened(and I mean EVERY time I went out) In the end I gave up but really need to make an attempt again as the weight is steadily rising.

  7. LOL!! This is a cute story! I had to laugh, too bad you did not see this happen. I'm glad he is ok though. Hugs!


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