January 10, 2013

You Are Amazing ...

Hi Everybody,

How I love you ladies ... you are  ALL  amazing and I  thank you all for your interest in the Blending Tools and that you would like to win them.

I get the message loud and clear that you would like the tools but no more comments please.
 And please stop with the compliments to my "Film Crew"  

His head is getting so big from all the praise he won't be able to get through the door.  He has had so much fun reading all the comments though.

Some of you have suggested that we go into selling them ..... now there's an idea for the coming months....   and Griff is now pricing up materials to go in to full scale production.

But that produces another question ....... What would you consider a fair prices for a pack of  5 Blending Tools ???   Bearing in mind the cost of one of them in your country... and of course P&P

Another thing Griff  has done is produce some very pretty stands for the mannequins and this is what they are like ....

I am in the process of sourcing  just the actual body forms  and the stands are what you would need to display them.

These are square and beveled along the edge to make them more interesting, and the doweling rod  is a good size too.

So this will be another give away in the next couple of months.

It will have everything you need to make the hat and the Dress Form ... including the peg for the hat.

It will need to be assembled by you and then you can decorate it however you wish.

And of course the videos on the Hats and the Dress Forms will show you how to do that.

I have done a lovely pink one just to give you an idea of how it will look when decorated.  The photograph is looking down onto the Form.

You can see the stand and they are in proportion to the size of the Dress Form.  

This one has been stained and varnished.

I have come up with a different style for the Hat too and you won't need the Polystyrene balls either.

This one is covered in felt with Maribou Feather  trim  and it looks gorgeous in real life.

The flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts   Any "Bling" is from Want2Scrap
Here you can see the two different styles.

The one on the right is domed and the other is shaped similar to a top hat ... but not as high.

Over the weekend this will be a video on how to make this one.

So I am planning some exciting 

 "Give Aways" 
over the next few months and I hope you will come and participate as they come up.

Hugs xx


  1. Good Morning Christine,
    I watched and loved the "hat" tutorial will have a go when I can get balls.
    It was really not sure what size I would need. I also thought of making the hat into a little "pin cushion"
    You certainly are given "food for thought"

    I am still making these Origami Boxes got an order for one the other day.
    Have a Great Day

    Patricia xx

  2. LOL The last time I looked Im not a Lady xx

    1. OooooH Hello Mark.... sorry about that but it's not often men join in with a craft blog .... Welcome and I will remember to include the lads next time xx

  3. Wow! Filming and woodwork - you are truly blessed to have a husband like that Christina. Love the blending tools & would def buy some. I think you need to work out materials cost and an hourly rate for your hubby - although to you he is priceless no doubt! Pat x

  4. Well... I have to say I love the dress form!! So pretty!!! I would be willing to buy those too!! Hint-hint!! lol!! You have a very talented film crew, but remember, behind every great man, (or film crew) is a AWESOME SUPER WOMEN!!!!! lol!! As for pricing, I'm thinking in the $10.00-$15.00 range, but thats just a number off the top of my head!! lol!! Thanks for sharing, have a nice day!!

  5. Take into account how much your time is worth, the cost of materials and tools. Use wholesale or low cost supplies to help keep expenses low. Then include your packaging and shipping costs in on that.
    Myself; I would charge anywhere from $3 -$5 Per blending tool.(not per package but per blending tool)

    Love, love them dress forms as well.

  6. J am lucky to have a "handy" hubby, but he has a long way to go before he comes up to yours, hugs xxxPatricia xx

  7. I think it's wonderful that your hubby is handy! Just let us know when you have figured out the cost (make sure you/he make a profit)! Thanks, Christina!

  8. The mannequin stand is so awesome!! And your gorgeous pink dress form is stunning!! You and your hubby make a great crafting team :) Have a great day!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  9. As a former Industrial Arts Educator, I am envious that you have such a supportive husband who can work with you. It would have been lovely to have my husband there to assist in my creations. You go Girl!

  10. Blending tools in the UK sell for around £3.50 -£4 for one. I think that a pack of 5 would certainly sell well at £20 + p&p


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