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March 27, 2023

Bargain Find

 Hi Everybody,  

If you have been with me for some time then you will know how much I like to fill a charity box up with my cards, and take it to the shop for my chosen charity to sell them.

Last week I took them 200 cards, and I always have each card with an envelope and I put them into a cellophane bag to keep them clean.

From the look on the managers face I know she appreciates my efforts and this is my way of supporting them as they sell them for whatever price they want.

So my bargain find was in Lidl as I was doing some shopping, and there tucked away at the back of a shelf was this fabulous card and paper.

The colours in both packs match and it is really good quality.  Not cheap and glossy which I hate.

The card is 270gsm and has 25 sheets in it, and from each sheet I can make two cards.

The paper pack is 135gsm and and there are 50 sheets, two of each colour, making me two envelopes, to go with the cards.

It was inexpensive too so I bought two packs of each and took my lucky find home.

I got busy and made some cards,  and then I thought I would film it, to share with you my find, and then hopefully if you wanted some too you would find it in your nearest Lidl.

The video is not long but I share with you the dies I have used  from other sets to decorate my designs.

The main one is the A6 Flat Fronted Envelope Die that is part of the A6 Collection introduced last month


Now I can make lots of cards with envelopes to match, and I could always make plain white envelopes for everyday use from a 100gsm copier paper. Another idea would be to add a wax seal to the back of each envelope made from another die set that is from Pretty Book collection.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Nice collection of cards Christina.
    Joyce x

  2. I have a previous version of both the card and paper from LIDL. Im going to check again to see if there is any of these now at my shop. Ive used much of what Ive got so a top up would be great. Certainly make good cards. Thanks Christina.XX

  3. So very beautiful

  4. Thanks Christina, I love the cards and video. I will have to make a visit tomorrow to get more and the paper of course. I never thought of it to use as envelopes. Thank you.

  5. Been looking for months for this card in my local LIDL.

  6. Great find , Christina. Love the idea of making matching envelopes. Thank you for sharing your lovely project. Love them.
    Stay safe and healthy.


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