September 12, 2012

Colouring In

Baby Fairy Kiki
It is absolutely pouring down outside my window and it really is a day to stay in the warmth,  and get some practising done with my Spectrum Noir pens.
This lovely image is from Mo's Digital Pencil and she is Baby Fairy KiKi   and I think she is adorable. Her wings have been covered with the  Sakura Clear Sparkle pen.
The subject of colouring pale skin was covered in athe video Spectrum Noir Pale Skin and using the pens from the  Skin Tones  set and this image has been coloured that same way. 

Summer Fairy Finna
The skin is the same here but the hair on this image ... also from Mo ... has been coloured using the technique shown in the Spectrum Noir Dark Skin video.
I haven't made either of these into a card yet but it has been a very pleasant to while away an afternoon with my pens and see what happened as I coloured.
But I can't put it off any longer ... so I suppose I will have to do the housework tomorrow (sigh)
Hugs xx


  1. Thank you both,I must have a try at colouring in, can use Promarkers? is one better than the other. I spent most of last night making the card you posted yesterday,and I just love it. Christina just one more question. "What is house work" It's the one good think about living alone.Many Blessings to you both.

  2. These are the cutest images and your coloring is just beautiful!!!

  3. Baby Fairy KiKi has to be the best digital I have seen to date!!! It is gorgeous and you did such a magnicifant job coloring... I have been practicing and I am starting to believe that some people just can't learn, I really suck at it, lol ... that is one amazing talent you have... yes I am going to have to watch your videos again and again... Can't wait to see these digital on cards!!!!! Drop over and see what Theresa made on my blog, she is back!

  4. Christina your colouring in is PERFECT The skin looks so warm soft and touchable like real babies skin (if you know what I mean!) LOL xXX

  5. Wow! how cute are they and beautifully coloured.
    Yep!! Isobel you beat me to it "What is Housework"?????
    Keep on Crafting

    Patricia x

  6. These images are so cute!! And your colouring is great.Thank you for your turorials. Can you use promarkers?


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