September 06, 2012

More about Card Stands

These pretty little card stands have certainly sparked your interest.   I first saw these on  Marie-Louises' blog   and  I really liked the look.
Her cards are so pretty and these stands gave them the finishing touch.  So of course I had to go looking for them.
They are from a company called  JoyCrafts  but this link direct to ...  Ebay  ...  will take  you straight to the page for the different styles that you can buy.... and they are not expensive.
They are a  metal  die that is used with your  die cutting  machine but you will need  to read the instrucions  on layering up the  cutting plates for your  individual cutter.
The result is a very  detailed stand that will take  smaller cards  and hold them perfectly... but it will not hold larger cards... the weight of the card will simply make them fall over. 
For that you will need another method .... and guess what ???     Another video on these and making larger stands for any card you make.
I have found that it is better to cut two stands the same  and then glue them  together  for extra strength.
The card  in this  photo  is made to an A5 size but it will not stand in Portriat position and so has to be used Landscape.
The stand  can then be tucked inside the envelope for the recipient to display the card on their mantle shelf.... and you can make it in any colour to match your project.
Hugs xx



  1. Love the A5 card Christina. Today for a card I was making I cut the stand in gold mirror card and since there is a gold frame in the centre of the card it really set the card off well.

  2. Thank you so much. They are really pretty... Don't you just love Marie Louise' cards?, they are always so elegant!

  3. Thank you thank you, I look forward every day to looking for your latest,ideas. Christina, I really would have given up on card making had it not been for you, I had a lot of card and dies, but could not come up with idea's, but you really do make it so simple to follow. You are the Best, and your film crew. Love and Blessings

  4. Christina you are so clever and thank you very much for this post , you answered all my questions... I can't wait to see the video.


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