September 05, 2012

Thank you , thank you ...

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Every time I make a video tutorial I am always concerend that people will think that I am talking down to them ... and as I have explained in the past that is not my intention.

But never the less I go ahead and make a film.

Over the weekend I made a very short tutorial on  some of the things about buying and using card that beginners find confusing.

And I made this based on some of the emails that I get with questions like ...
What size card do you use?   How thick is the card that you use?   What is an A4?    How do I fold card without it cracking along the spine?   How do I add an insert?    What are the weights of card?   What do you use to print or stamp on?    What card do you use to make flowers?

So I thought I would answer all these questions in one go.... and  then I wondered if I had done the right thing... and I waited for the response.

Within hours I got the response ... and the comments that I have had have been very humbling.

So many people have emailed me or left comments on YouTube that they have found the information so useful and learned tips and tricks that they didn't know. 

Here's the link to the video ...   Cardmaking Weights and Sizes

All I can say is ... if you are a seasoned cardmaker then please don't be offended by the information ... and if you are new then I hope it has helped in some small way ... and  if you left me a comment  on YouTube or took the time to email me and let me know that you enjoyed what I had done then THANK YOU so very much.

And  if you just didn't like it ...  then I blame it all on my "Film Crew"  it's  ALL  his fault!!!

Hugs xx


  1. An absolutely beautiful card. I think your videos and tutorials are a brilliant idea. I wish I had found information like that when I was starting.

  2. This card is beautiful Christina. And THANK YOU for ALL your videos and tutorial they have helped me enormously I love to watch how other people do things and pick up tips and tricks. Also the video about the 'Save on Hobbies' website was so useful and I have placed an order (not that I need anymore Spellbinders lol) but you know there's always room for some more somewhere. Thanks again. Linda xxx

  3. hahahaha, blame it on the Film Crew.. Christina I can hear you say that and it made me miss you so much... I have to check this video out right away!! Your card is amazingly stunning!!!!!! I wish I had the right spellbinders to copy this .. Your cards lately are out of this world and just when I thought they couldn't get better. Hugs

  4. Another beautiful creation! I love visiting your blog, your projects are always stunning!!

  5. Gorgeous card.
    Enjoyed watching your video. Was very useful. Thank you

  6. I love visiting your blog and this card is gorgeous xx

  7. I liked your video! You always do such a nice job showing details on how to make wonderful cards. Your film crew did good too :D Thank You for all of your work helping others made great cards.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  8. I really enjoy this card, and I also am a fan of your YouTube account. New to papercrafting, your videos really helped me with some neat techniques. Thank you Christina!

  9. Wow! Your card is stunning! I learn so much every time I see your videos and check out your website! I was wondering if you could tell me where you purchased the card stands or if you sell them. They are "almost" as pretty as your cards! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thank you all of the amazing videos and information. I've been a stamper for a few years but it is do nice to have a go to source for new creative spark and refreshing some of the old and sometimes neglected basics. You do a wonderful job and I hope you can feel how appreciative your followers are.

  11. Another beautiful card Christina you are so very talented x
    As for worrying about 'talking down' to people well don't ever worry about that, you are so lovely, very helpful and I have learn lots from you and your fab film crew xx

  12. I love this card Christina, I have sent for a few of the stands, so want to play. My new Spellbinder A4 M-Bossabilities arrived yesterday, they are fantastic, I could never line up the 5X7, but these are soooooooooooo good. Love and Blessings, and a hug for your film crew

  13. WOW... this card is just stunning, I love everything about it and a huge thank you for bringing us all the info you do. It's so nice to know there are people out their to help us crafters and bring us such wonderful inspiration. Keep up the great work :)
    Debbie x

  14. hi christina,
    i love all your videos on you tube and now i have found your web site its just brill,
    i have ordered some dies from the save on hobbies ,and i guessed we mite get a customs charge from when i bought goods from america before.never mind as long a we get the dies we want.keep up your brilliant work,regards to you and your crew he! he!


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