September 24, 2012

Lenas' Notebook

A few years ago a lady  that visits my website  sent me a small gift that she had made especially  for me.

This Notebook has been decorated with gemstones and glitters and the photo does not do it the justice it deserves ... and it sits on my desk to hold important phone numbers.

In the package Lena also sent me some handmade papers and they are all the way from India.

The colours and the work is exquisite on these papers and I was very reluctant to cut them up and use them on cards.

But the notebook was complete and I was delighted with it.

Lena is based in Mumbai ... and so maybe popping to the craft shop is not quite so easy for her.

But the work that she does is beautiful.

She has also just started her own Blog and so is very nervous about her reception.

So please pop over and give her some of your lovely support and tell her Christina sent you too.... go on make her day.

Here is the link to Lenas' Blog ...     Lenas' Works of Heart  and look at some of the tags that she has made.   My favorite  is the Clown in the first group and he is so cute.

Hugs xx


  1. Hi Christina I'm just back from having a look at Lenas creations and they are gorgeous. I'd be happy to receive one of her money wallets WITHOUT the money in it! LOL xXx

  2. I'm very nostalgic at the moment, Christina. My family all live in Blackpool. I used to spend 6 weeks of my summer holidays there. Cunliffe Road, just around the corner of the Football club, near the bloomfield. Ice skating and the pleasure beach were always the main event. I'm 47 now and living in Australia, so your photo's did my heart good. Great memories of Blackpool etched into my heart. Thanks for the flashbacks. Hugs. Lol xxxx

  3. hi christina,
    i am an avid watcher of your youtube videos,
    am hoping to sit down and make some xmas decorations to day with my heirloom dies.
    i have just visited lena's blog ,the tags are lovely.and the one made by the visually impaired is lovely will follow her again
    best wishes


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