September 02, 2012

New Video ...

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The video for the   Cut Fold Tuck  dies has been added to the website and I have had so much fun playing with these. 

The link will take you to the page on the website. Two cards have been made on the video and this is one of them.

There is such a lot that can be done with them to alter the look.

This is using all the smallest dies as flowers along the bottom of the card, and the background has been embossed.

I have added  Want2Scrap  gemstones  swirling out from the flowers and in the heart at the  top of the card.

The video is only a short one but the posibilities are endless with these lovely dies.

I had a gift from Griff yesterday too. He had a big parcel delivered and he said "Open it ... it's for you". It wasn't heavy and when I looked inside I had to laugh.

He had bought me a ....... frying pan!!  Now the reason behind this is because a while ago I bought an expensive Circulon pan and after I had used it he very kindly cleaned it for me.

But he used a Brillo pad .... because he said ... "The inside of the pan was black" ...  And for those of you who don't know what a Brillo pad is well it is made from steel wool and is used to bring off really burned on  marks.

I explained that because the pan was non-stick it was supposed to be black .... but it wasn't when he had finished with it and of course it was ruined...... so that is why he bought me a new frying pan ... Awwww Bless !!

Hugs xx


  1. Beautiful card. Love the colours and those wonderful dies.

  2. Lovely card, sorry about the frying pan, but Grif is gifted in other areas,so will watch the video, again and appreciate his talent with the camera. Many Blessings

  3. I would say sack the film crew for ruining your frying pan but he is too good, and he did buy you a new one.
    Your card is really lovely thank you for taking the time to do the video for us xx


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